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Good Digestion Starts In The Mind

Digestion starts in the “mind”… …so if the mind is in a state of mental stress you will not have good digestion. Then the body will have elevated cortisol and stress-hormones that shut down the digestive process. This is a very normal response. And, of course, there is no underestimating the stress of a Pandemic…


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Digestive brain

Digestion starts in the “mind”

…so if the mind is in a state of mental stress you will not have good digestion. Then the body will have elevated cortisol and stress-hormones that shut down the digestive process. This is a very normal response. And, of course, there is no underestimating the stress of a Pandemic to cause havoc. Not only to the mind but also the resultant digestive tract. Take healthy exercise out of the equation and add ‘adapted’ lifestyles with different diets. The resultant chaos to the health of our gut is a given.    

Did you also know that the digestive process takes up more energy than any other chemical process in the body. So, when we’re stressed, as most are now, our natural body response of fight or flight kicks in, overshadowing digestion.  Which more than likely explains why some either over-eat whilst others just stop eating due to a digestive crisis triggers. Just goes to prove, the strong tie between the gut and the mind, irrelevant of any Pandemic.  

Depending on how mentally stressed you are will determine the amount of stress hormones flooding through your blood. These directly affect your digestive tract as well. Combination of events could prove lethal.

Where to Start…

Much of the digestive process takes place in the mouth. Food should be chewed until liquid for optimal results. This supports conversion of food to energy, elimination and prevention of bacterial, fungal and parasitical overgrowth. And if you are anything like me, when stressed, guess what….very little chewing…

And to top it all, very seldom do we do this ‘family event’ of eating at the dinner table. But mostly eat in front of the TV, aggravating any good that might have come from this ‘gut-mind-digestive’ process.  

Oops…. and the food drops into our Stomach!

The next step of digestion is occurring in the stomach. Once food hits the stomach; assuming it’s well chewed, it mixes with enzymes and hydrochloric acid, where proteins are broken down into amino acids for absorption in the small intestine. This is crucial because undigested proteins are what leads to more severe illnesses like cancer, leaky gut, auto-immune diseases etc. Stomach acid also works to protect us from parasites, fungi and unwanted bacteria. We have already mentioned that the digestive process is compromised, with all chains of events disturbed in crisis mode, so the resultant effect can only lead to disaster when you have chaos in the stomach digestion.  

Then we move onto the Small Intestine…

The small intestine is where the bulk of our food is absorbed. Digestive enzymes, which are released from the pancreas, liver and gallbladder enter the small intestine to aid the further digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and especially fats. Once digested, it’s sent through the portal vein to the liver for filtering. Then it is delivered to the cells of your body via the bloodstream and finally turned into energy.

This energy is used to repair and rebuild your body. What’s left is usually the bulk of our poop! The undigested food and fibres (roughage) is sent to the colon for the final step before it leaves our body.

Once again if the small intestine functions are compromised; as with any liver discrepancies (the liver takes over body functions while we sleep); the result could be disastrous.

Once again with a little help from a really good ‘live’ probiotic as with the Imsyser range your digestive functions are supported from two sources – good bacteria and digestive enzymes. Leaky gut issues are one of the largest trigger to bad health, even from a young age, and directly related to stress.     

Now for the final move to the Large Intestine (Colon)

The Colon is used to produce vitamins using trillions of bacteria that flourish in a healthy large intestine. The resultant ‘poop’ is often the tell tale of what has happened before (all the steps of digestion) and the resultant health or lack thereof.   

In reality, if you have any health symptom you can trace it back to a digestive issue and of course then the mind.

What to do?

If we were to move down the digestive tract starting from the top – it would mean dealing with the brain and the stress levels. And this is more than likely a very sensitive issue for almost anyone right now and even more difficult to manage. Anti-depressants and any other chronic medication is not the solution; this we all know. Helping the mind, however, is a better solution with a little support from a good probiotic for instance. If is a scientific fact that good healthy microbiome run up from the gut to the brain along the Vagus nerve supporting all good health in this case, in both directions.

Not eating in front of the ‘bad news’ TV another healthy suggestion. So too, assisting the mind with restorative Spiritual habits like praying and simple measures such as exercising a little and keeping the brain hydrated are all worthy tricks. Small tricks that plays huge roles in healthy living.

Moving onto the Mouth. Once again deliberately chewing well, slowly, and once again avoiding the TV meals is advised. Remember, here too, a good probiotic is best advised to support healthy microbiome:

Supporting Health

Supporting healthy digestion will always start and finish with health microbiome. However all will also not be well if you have a toxic, dirty, compromised gut!

The main cause of toxic bowel is constipation – often due to a diet rich in processed food, lack of good water, lack of fibre, lack of enough good bacteria and irregular detox cleansing. Toxicity from constipation occurs when the intestines become chronically clogged up either from lack of movement or compromised waste in the mucoidal digestive lining.

Once again, the area Imsyser Health specialises in – healthy detoxing – healthy gut – support of good digestion – healthy support of Immunity. But, not losing focus; going back to a blocked colon – only 7 days for miraculous results and a healthy fresh start post Pandemic:

We have heard the words ‘life like we knew it will never quite be the same’! Yes, and although this might be true, in so many cases, our bodies do not change and they will still need the same TLC the same way since much of Mother Nature around us has changed as regards toxic overload , major stressors and so many other factors. Imsyser Health just helps to fill the gap in the best most natural way supporting your gut to do the best for you going forward.

Could be time to clean up?

For more simply call us 086 010 3859 or click here:

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