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The Benefits of Good Bacteria

Bacteria are nature’s oldest basic remedy. Nature depends on bacteria for most of the functions of a living organism – plants, animals and humans. In fact, without microbes, life is not possible. Probiotic bacteria are responsible for:

  • Digestion and utilizing the nutrition from food.
  • Creation of the body’s own vitamins.
  • Digestion and regulating of bowel movements.
  • 80% of the body’s immunity.
  • Prevention of harmful yeast build ups (e.g. Candida)
  • Ensuring metabolism and correcting sugar levels.
  • Reducing and eliminating germs, and preventing harmful bacteria from establishing itself in the body.

Our bodies require a healthy digestive tract to ensure effective absorption and utilisation of the nutrients from our diets and the supplements we take. If our bodies are unable to utilise these nutrients, nutrient deficiencies could in spite of following a balanced diet or taking a multi-vitamin supplement.

Suggested Dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons per day.

  • Contains only the microorganisms that are listed on the FDA’s GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe)
  • Contains NO Alcohol
  • Contains NO Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Contains NO Charcoal
  • Contains NO Sucrose or Sorbitol
  • Contains NO Artificial Flavours, Sweeteners or Colours
  • Contains 3 different and distinct classes of Microorganisms & 12 strains.

For more on this unique product; needing NO REFRIGERATION but a mere room temperature (out of sunlight’s way);  follow us on for this 12 STRAIN NATURAL Pre & Pro-biotic Liquid Cocktail or call our offices at 086 010 3859.

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