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Go Natural For 100% Absorption with Imsyser and Complete Bio-availablity.

Go Natural For 100% Absorption from Imsyser and complete bio-availability. Bio-availability is just so important in the bigger scheme of things and hardly mentioned ever. And if it’s not 100 % natural and plant based the chances are you cannot even mention it! In Science they have proven that all natural products have a natural rhythm the same as Mother nature and this where 100% absorption come into play. Unlike chemical alternative which have a completely different ‘nature’ to plants ( atoms actually run the opposite way to Mother nature); and that is why only up to 20 % of the chemical alternatives actually find their way to the cell. The rest is actually and hopefully urinated out of you, at a huge cost to client. And of course that is taking for granted the kidneys are actually working properly!!

I know with this type of bio-availability, natural products are a little longer in the uptake to do the necessary biochemical changes but it IS however worth it waiting for this natural process to happen. And once in the system, these natural ingredients may do all these wonder NATURAL healthy changes in as many as 2 – 4 weeks. Sometimes in as little as 2 -3 days even!! All inflammatory responses and modulating effects are achieved and simultaneously NOT adding to the negative effects of the chemical overload that modern day medicine offers.

Food for Thought but in reality YOU ARE worth it. Work on 100 % natural health and you will reap the benefit!!

So for heathy living choose Imsyser products. a 100% Natural product for 100% bio-availability. THE NATURAL CHOICE. We here at IMSYSER also work with other wonderful nutritionists with equally amazing products. Just call 086 010 3859 for more information…..

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