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Go Green and Go Healthy

Your No 1 Super Food for the 21st Century!

Right nutrition is one of the strongest ways to arm yourself and your families against any pending condition health condition even those with potential genetic predispositions as well any pandemic.

It’s more critical than ever to protect yourself and your family as the only ‘treatment’ that so far has stood the test of time the past 9 months has been a strong Immunity.

Going Green is a new thing for many but it is good!!

Going green is also good for ALL ages – it is also 100% Natural and where most foods/meal replacements do Immune Boosting it has the incredible advantage to help with a natural healthy detox especially when it comes to  the hidden heavy metals in all our modern day food sources.  

The Geva F Series is an Advanced Natural Nutritional Sorghum (extruded) Formula/Meal Replacement that is Fortified with Algae-Spirulina for Immune support, TB support, Cancer support & Chemo-Therapy support/Radiations sickness, Immune-compromised support, Protein deficient adults and children, Athletes for Energy Support, Diabetics, Obesity and even HIV support improving CD 4 counts for those not on ARV’s.

Green is an Excellent Energy supply.

When your meal replacement is not only high in Proteins; 10 Essential Amino Acids but also high in Chlorophyll, Enzymes, Anti-oxidants, Phyto-nutrients, Minerals & Trace Elements – that’s when you have a winner product.   Geva is not a medicine, yet it is the natural food containing with 5 groups of essential nutrients. It is, therefore, consumable with other medicines and helps body absorbing full benefits from medicine:-

•             Balances Metabolism

•             Cholesterol Reduction

•             All Immunity

•             Builds Health Good Bacteria

•             increases Stamina & Energy

•             Iron Bioavailability

•             liver Detoxification

•             Supports Malnutrition

•             Modulates Immune System

•             Supports Cancer Prevention

•             Reduces effects of Radiation Treatment

•             Reduces Kidney Toxicity

•             Wound Healing

The Geva range is an advanced nutritional formula that is fortified with Spirulina. Designed to enhance Immunity or Immune responses (auto-immune reactions) giving protection and modulating of the Immune System to support the heart and reduce cholesterol including helping to improve the Digestive System, naturally, through a gentle detoxification process. Reduction in the risk of cancer and increase the antioxidant capacity was noted on the international studies done more than 10 years ago as well as massive correction of anaemia in the human studies done…to the extent that an international award was awarded for this amazing product range!!

Why so Unique? How is Geva different from other products on the market?

Why is Spirulina, one of the core ingredients, an ideal food for mankind?

Spirulina is a member of the Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) family; it has a spiral multi-cellular, filamentous structure consisting of proteins and sugar and it contains no cellulose as commonly found in almost all-vegetable matter. Spirulina consists of more concentrated nutrients than any other food, vegetables, seeds, or plants, respectively. More than 60 % protein, of which all are easy to digest, having beta-carotene, vitamin B12, folic acid, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Other nutritious food possesses different properties for nourishment, whereby some of them must be consumed under the supervision of the physician or in limited quantity to prevent some side effects, which could occur as these products are fortified with synthetic nutrients. Geva is completely natural, sorghum fortified with Spirulina, a Super-food that is the natural consumable without any side effect.

The fortified Spirulina and sorghum on its own, consists of several nutritious elements, which are important for health improvement. These elements are proteins, essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fat, sugar, mineral salts, and calories.

What is the suitability of Geva?

Geva is suitable to use as nutritious food not only for healthy, unhealthy person but also for those who have the following symptoms; easily tired, easy to catch cold, insufficient consumption of green or yellow vegetables, dizziness, lack of some nutrients, skipping of meals like breakfast or person under diet.

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine!!! For more advice call Imsyser Health customer care: 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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