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Global fresh ‘wave 3’ scare

Global fresh ‘wave 3’ scare… Immunity is core to prevention

Global fresh ‘wave 3’ scare becomes the reality for many including those who have had the vaccine it remains core to remember that your Immunity is core to prevention. It is the only PROVEN success.

Prevention means healthiest of gut health for the optimizing of your Immunity

1. New seasonal deep intestinal cleanse cleaning out ALL waste improving gut health.

2. A daily probiotic for optimized gut health

Global 'wave 3' scare
12 strain pre & Probiotic

3. Immune support with your most natural choice wholefood – real food supplement fir optimised Immunity.

We care…

Imsyser Health products care for all these needs in 3 natural products. Prepping you best for what lies ahead this new winter season. All available countrywide at all  Dischems. Or view our fresh new look website for 1-2 day deliveries to your door step.

In Conclusion, we have a comprehensive range of products focussing healthy detoxes for various health systems. From parasite cleanse to liver & heavy metal detoxes. Therefore, a Nano-technology Vulcan Silver that is a 1000 times more powerful than Colloidal silver, especially effective against viruses.

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