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Hidden Artificial Sugars are a Toxic Source!

You have to get rid of those hidden toxic artificial sugars if you mean business with your body. It is not just feeding the sugar issue but adding the unnecessary toxic overload to the system. And with cancer statistic they way they are we had better pay attention to our health TODAY!!

Stop artificials

Nothing artificial belongs in the human body. So don’t put anything artificial in it!!! The form of artificial sugars, supplements or for that matter processed foods on the market are quite simply atrocious!! And they catch all of us by “living in the fast lane dependent or quick fixes”!! If you are being misled by thinking that making the switch from refined sugar to artificial sweeteners was a good choice, YOU ARE WRONG!!!! There is nothing good in artificial sweeteners and they could, in fact, cause a great deal of health damage. It’s time to get rid of all your artificial sweeteners, and look to completely natural sources to sweeten your food and beverages. And here I am specifically referring to the mothers of baby’s toddlers and children, feeding their children sweetened EVERYTHING, to pacify the addiction called SUGAR!!!

More on Sugars

Some people think that they are doing themselves a favour when they switch from sugar and high fructose corn syrup to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. However, aspartame is considered by some health experts to be one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. It hides in MOST products these days as a pacifier that we are doing the right thing by NOT choosing sugar. The statistics on these artificial sugars however: for up to 75 % of all adverse food reactions, including seizures and even death in or out of the hospital!!!

The symptoms

Less aggressive result might present:  Headaches, dizziness, memory loss, joint pain, insomnia, irritability, dementia, and hearing loss are just a few of the other reported side effects of this extremely dangerous chemical. Really, less aggressive??? Well we need to have our heads read if we think we are doing ourselves for that matter our children and family any favours!!!

Best is always to simply cut out sugars but if you need a transgression into this use coconut nectar or raw honey. Stevia is not that great on the taste buds but another excellent choice.

All those baddies:

Sugar will eventually totally destroy your health for all of these reasons:

  • Sugar suppresses the immune system.
  • Sugar elevates blood glucose.
  • Sugar disrupts mineral balance.
  • Sugar disrupts digestion.
  • Sugar causes tooth decay.
  • Sugar contributes to obesity.
  • Sugar can cause heart disease.
  • Sugar can cause food allergies.
  • Sugar can cause depression.
  • Sugar increases the risk of certain cancers.


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