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Gastrointestinal Tract

A healthy gastrointestinal tract is something we often take for granted.   This doesn’t involve a sudden, massive overhaul; instead, it requires a gradual process in which you boost the numbers of friendly bacteria in your gut – something which can easily be done with the help of probiotic-rich Microbial Health Booster, like the 12 STRAIN LIQUID Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser. This product was designed to support optimal gut health with the intention of not only stabilising the gut flora, bring all into balance but also stabilising and optimising Immune Health.

The majority of the body’s waste which is created through the digestion of foods and minerals is deposited in your colon.  If this waste isn’t excreted from your colon on a regular basis, it will allow the build-up of poisons and unwanted toxins in your body.  This build up makes your body tired, unhealthy and prone to illnesses and long term disease.  Your body is completely dependent on beneficial bacteria to correctly assimilate and process the nutrition in your foods.  In fact, you have ten times as many bacteria in your body as you do human cells.  This gut flora has incredible power over the immune system, meaning that the health of the body is largely tied into the health of the gut.   It is becoming more and more evident that the majority of the body problems, including life –threatening diseases, can be effectively handled on a microbial level.

Research shows that friendly bacteria or “Probiotics”, boost Immunity, treat Diarrhoea, help those with Lactose Intolerance and can prevent Allergies and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, amongst the many other benefits. After all, most of your Immune cells are formed from within a preferably healthy gut lining.

The Imsyser Liquid Probiotic contains natural, microbial technology developed for over 25 years around the world, yet uniquely different in its approach since is isn’t driven by trillions of 1-4 Strains of probiotics as do most on the shelves but a unique supportive blend of various Strains as well as the supportive Prebiotics and an allowance of Digestive Enzymes to ensure good nutritional absorption.

All of this is most effective in a healthy gut so don’t forget to check the Imsyser website at for more on the 7 day Detox to rid the gut of unwanted, trapped waste lining the gut. And what’s more we have a new product, a 14 day parasite cleanse, a must for all those searching for answers in disease prevention. See previous articles by the Imsyser Health team on the effects of parasites in the gut.

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