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Fungi vs. Bacteria…dealing with modern day Candida.

The main difference between fungi and bacteria Both fungi and bacteria are minute organisms that are found in almost every ecosystem on earth, and both can be associated with other groups of living things but with modern day toxicity it has become more obvious that in a state of overgrowth, as with the antibiotic age,…


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The main difference between fungi and bacteria

Both fungi and bacteria are minute organisms that are found in almost every ecosystem on earth, and both can be associated with other groups of living things but with modern day toxicity it has become more obvious that in a state of overgrowth, as with the antibiotic age, they can become highly dangerous to the human body.

The main difference between fungi and bacteria is their cellular structure. Bacteria, self-feeding organisms, have a cell-shape without a nucleus, dividing to multiply whilst fungi, leeching/feeding organisms, are long hollow tubes that form networks with a nucleus, growth resulting from these tubes in a type of network.

Controlling these Organisms

Bacterial infections are mostly controlled by giving the patient an antibiotic upon diagnosis. But, unfortunately, the same treatment has for years been used to mis-treat fungal infections which in this case would aggravate any fungal infection as a rule. Weaken the Immunity and you have a ‘double whammy’ issue!

There are several fungal infections that result from different types of fungi entering the body, the most common one to all being the Candida Albicans.

  • Aspergillus fungi can be inhaled through the mouth or nose and can cause fever, cough and wheezing. In very severe instances, this fungal infection can spread to other organs including the brain, skin and bones.
  • Cryptococcus neoformans is found in the soil or in bird droppings. This fungus also enters the body through the mouth or nostrils. And it can cause a lung infection resulting in a cough or chest pain.
  • Histoplasma capsulatum is a fungus that is commonly found in eastern and central United States. It is found in soil that contains bird and bat faeces. When spores are disturbed, they can be inhaled and can cause flu-like symptoms, body aches, fever and cough.
  • Candida albicans, present in all humans mainly in the gut, is the more commonly known species with a huge array of health complications associated with it especially when it goes rogue.

When you have a healthy body, the fungi/yeast is kept under control by the healthy bacteria within your body. However, antibiotics — and those found in much of the meats and foods we eat and or drink — will upset the balance of your friendly bacteria and the healthy internal balance. Since antibiotics are non-selective, they work to weaken the good bacteria that keep yeast in check and a weakened Immunity is an open door to such an attack and the proliferation of the fungus results. The yeast/fungus then begins to flourish, and before you know it, it’s completely out of control throughout the body. Antibiotics are not the only contributor to the upset of your healthy bacteria; cortisone, some birth control pills and certain drugs have an effect on it, as well. Lifestyle is however the biggest offender!

Once the yeast has overgrown in your body, it thrives on sugar, carbohydrates, mouldy foods, fermented foods and vinegar. If you’ve ever noticed that your cravings for any of these are very strong, chances are, you have a yeast overgrowth in your body. When the level of yeast is elevated in your body, micro-toxins are released into your bloodstream in high amounts. These waste products combined with the state of modern day toxicity have a profound effect on your well-being and are linked to many health problems.

Effects of yeast Overgrowth

The effects of yeast overgrowth will worsen over time, and will seriously compromise physical, mental and emotional well-being. According to researchers, hidden, deviant fungus may be the reason for any number of seemingly unrelated health complaints and more and more studies are looking into the brain health deterioration in society as but one of the side effects of such .

I have noticed how the studies prove over and over that when a fungal overgrowth such as this exists and parasites are present in a body disease sets in and especially more and more cancers have been linked to this state of affair in the human body.

The big problem?

The biggest issue however is get rid of the overgrowth and control it from there and I have been involved with many a client and dietician confirming this to be their biggest stumbling block to health maintenance, weight issues and various health conditions.

I believe however Imsyser has the solution and in my most difficult of cases, where no doctor could help other than supplying chemical drugs(with huge side effects) to try and control the condition between her and her husband – found amazing results for her and her husband and she now is pregnant with their first baby.

Simple cases are relatively easy to process and cure with daily probiotic intake and of course the Imsyser 12 strain probiotic does miracles in most cases, whereas in her case, as is the case in severe cases where husband and wife re-infect each other, unknowingly, and not knowing that this actually happens – we needed a little more help.

Importance of diet

Her diet and lifestyle was literally perfect. As opposed to most other cases this is the first place the ‘wheels’ normally come off as the changes needed to do improvements are rather harsh, but in her case, we needed ‘more’. I made it my mission to find out why I was battling in only her case where-upon I discovered by merely increasing the dosage she had been taking to super dosages of the same Imsyser probiotic over a 2-3 month period, within weeks all was under control. Both husband and wife. Of course, we all were ecstatic as she literally was at her wits end.

One of the main tests done on the Imsyser Probiotic is the fungal count when the product manufacturing is completed to do the required health and risk tests. So why would a probiotic, designed for internal use, not perform even more optimally than when tested outside the body. And it did.

Upon investigation it seems very few probiotics perform well in this but Imsyser’s 12 strain liquid probiotic has stood the test of time in the market place for 10 years now and when we see all the health conditions reversed one by one by just either optimising the gut health and or the Immunity, I am not surprised at all. We have a winner. And I believe with my whole heart this is the missing link to disease management.


Your choice, but I believe it is very much common knowledge that we all need a daily dose of probiotics. The whole family does, literally from birth. And, of course, when its liquid its even easier to administer to children either in from a syringe or with a little juice or water.

Imsyser’s' Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains 12 strains of Nature’s most natural form of Pre- & Pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including Synbiotics and Postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes as mimicked in the gut.

Imsyser’s' Probiotic, unlike freeze-dried products in the market place are fermented at body temperature and contains the full range of natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria necessary to restore health from within the mouth to the end of the colon for optimum digestive balance and full body health, ensuring its position as one of the best, totally unique Probiotics in the market-place.

Being liquid and raw you cannot get a Probiotic any closer to its Natural state:

  • 100% NATURAL                                  GMO FREE
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY                              SOY FREE
  • GLUTEN FREE                                    LACTOSE FREE
  • DAIRY FREE                                        NON-FREEZE-DRIED
  • A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that scientific studies have proven we just cannot do without any longer!!
  • A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that restores vital bacteria no longer provided by modern diet!!
  • A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT providing natural bacteria needed for good health and growth in adults and children!!
  • A DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that regulates and aids sensitive digestive tracts and digestive orders!!  
  •  Call the Imsyser team 086 010 3859 or simply click here.

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