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Foods Rich in Calcium

Recent studies have shown that weight loss can be enhanced by taking calcium. Apparently calcium inhibits the creation of fat, promoting the breakdown and burning of fat. Dietary calcium also prevents regaining the weight that was lost. Calcium taken as supplements did not show such a powerful weight loss effect. (In fact, raw food expert David Wolfe warns against taking calcium supplements, which tend to have nano-organisms that harden or calcify our bodies in an unhealthy manner).

A few studies showed that the weight loss is greater when the calcium comes from dairy. But I don’t recommend eating the amount of dairy that these studies suggest (three servings a day). The most extensive nutritional study in history, The China Study, showed that people who consume more than 5% of their calories from dairy products increase their risk for cancer. This is because the protein from dairy, casein, adversely affects the way cells (especially their DNA) interact with carcinogens. A diet high in casein allows more toxic carcinogens to enter the body’s cells.try

So, to lose weight, go easy on the dairy, eating no more than an ounce of cheese or a cup of yogurt or kiefer per day—and only if your body can digest it properly. And use unpasteurized dairy whenever possible. If you live in a raw dairy state such as California you can usually find raw dairy products at Whole Foods. If not, you may be able to order from Amish people online or in your state.

In some states you can even own a share of the cow, which entitles you to the raw milk from it. Eating pasteurized dairy destroys the enzymes and makes it harder to digest. Also, whenever possible, eat dairy form goats, since it is more similar to that of humans. Choose yogurt or keifer, which are easier to digest than milk or cheese. Most people simply can’t handle much dairy. They get symptoms of mucus buildup such as constipation, phlegm in the throat, or diarrhea. These people can still benefit from other sources of calcium which nonetheless assist significantly in weight loss. Sesame seeds contain a whopping 2,100 mg. per cup compared to milk’s 300 mg. per cup! With sesame seeds, be sure to use unhulled, as the hulled has only a third the calcium. Also be sure to eat them in a pulverized form in order to make the calcium more absorbable. You could grind them in a coffee grinder and sprinkle them on a salad or put them in a smoothie. Nuts are a significant calcium source with almonds containing 750 mg. per cup, hazelnuts at 450 mg. per cup, and walnuts at 280 mg. per cup.

Greens are another great source of calcium without all the calories of nuts and seeds. A cup of broccoli has 250 mg, a cup of collard greens has 300 mg, of turnip greens has 195 mg, a cup of dandelion greens has 147 mg. and a cup of kale has 200 mg. Spinach has 250 mg. a cup but the calcium in spinach is somewhat poorly absorbed, probably because of the high concentration ofoxalate. Another consideration is that calcium from dairy is poorly absorbed due to the phosphorus  content. While green vegetables have absorption rates of 40 to 50%, dairy calcium absorption is only 32%. Sea vegetables are one of the best sources of calcium. A cup of nori has 1,200 mg; a cup of kombu has 2,100; a cup of wakame has 3,500; and a tablespoon of agar-agar has 1,000 mg. Got sea veggies?

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