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Sharing Some More Health Tips & Food For Thought Many people are obsessed with cleanliness, cleaning their house with antiseptic solutions, washing their hands all the time, keeping their kids away from possible contamination from microbes etc. Some interesting research has now been done showing that hospital-acquired infections are being driven not by the existence of harmful microbes but by the absence of helpful species.

Candida tends to cause a problem after the person has taken an antibiotic which upsets the balance. The candida was there before, but caused no problem until the antibiotic interfered with the balance. The good bacteria keep the candida controlled. The indoor environment is certainly not sterile but there is also a balance between the good and bad microbes. Antiseptic solutions a d antibiotics upset this balance very often in favour of the pathogenic bacteria.

Humans are constantly shedding bacteria into the environment, so are our pets and other visitors. There are constant checks and balances in this environment, and the normal healthy bacteria are the ones that keep a fine control, preventing invasion by the pathogenic bacteria. If the antimicrobial cleaning solutions are not the best way to keep pathogens under control, then what to do?

Experts are suggesting that proper ventilation and humidity is the answer, something we intrinsically know, opening windows and allowing fresh air to come in. Rooms with the greatest airflow and humidity have the lowest percentage of potential pathogens. I am intrigued that natural products are still active against micro-organisms, despite being around much longer than humans have been present.

Micro-organisms tend not to develop resistance to the natural products which kill them. These include oregano, colloidal silver, ozone ointment, olive leaf extracts, and other aromatherapy oils besides oregano are also useful. There are so many natural alternatives that have been around for such a long time why not start experimenting on these – maybe a tot of colloidal silver water a day, treat wounds with ozone ointments, take a daily tot of probiotic and always stay ‘fresh’ on the meal side. Your immune system is only as strong as your ‘feed’ it and you are only as healthy as your immune system is strong.

This is your no 1 line of defence! The body will and can do the rest. As we have said many time before there is a place for drugs in extreme cases but it should not be your no 1 choice or symptom pacifier!!

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