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Focus On The “Healthy Self”

Your “Healthy Self”. Most of our problems come from focusing on ourselves.

When you step outside yourself, problems tend to disappear.

When you see the hurt of others and decide to do something about it, your problems disappear.

When you choose to live a life of courage dedicated to a cause greater than you, problems disappear.

When you have the dedication, commitment, and discipline to show up every day, no matter what and give it your all, your problems disappear.

And in the same breathe we need to focus on the healthy self.

Look at yourself and love yourself, DAILY.

Forgive yourself and more importantly forgive ALL others.

Love unconditionally and continuously.

And by practising this we learn to appreciate life itself and focus on the Blessing of EVERY minute. Do this as often as you can and this will become the who you are. Dr Caroline Leaf a brilliant professor who has studied the brain for more than 20 years is the best person I can think of teaching these daily skills if you need help until this is who you are – the WHOLE self-healed and available to help heal other and the Nations!!!

Tips of healthy living from the Imsyser team dedicated to whole-hearted healing for ALL!  For any Call us on our Customer Care Line : 086 010 3859

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