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Fight High Blood Pressure NATURALLY…..

Beetroot has the unique ability to assist in reducing blood pressure. Researchers initially found that beet juice enabled athletes to exercise for up to 16% longer and now more recently that certain illnesses that involve the heart or lungs can also benefit from taking this vegetable. Beetroot is also one of the key ingredients in cancer fighting ‘juicing’.

Why would you choose to continue to use High Blood pressure medication chronically when a few simple lifestyle choices could prevent the long-term damages to other vital organs. Have you ever considered ‘googling’ the drug of choice you have been prescribed to see the negative side effects it might have on your body??

The choices are simple:

  1. Juice daily(remember lots of beetroot);
  2. Drink enough GOOD water with lemon juice to ensure a healthy pH;
  3. Eat enough raw healthy vegetables to ensure sustained healthy pH;
  4. Sleep enough, Laugh enough, Breathe enough fresh good air ( exercise);
  5. And finally ‘you are as you think’ so think healthy , think ‘good’.

Finally, you are what you eat. No sugar; that is the golden rule since is the enemy no 1.

Sugar = drop in pH = Sticky blood = retarded blood flow = high blood pressure. It’s that simple.

Don’t feed the pharma system with chronic usage of meds. Your health is worth more than a bad habit!! And remember to work in conjunction with your health care provider in this regard as the slow weaning off these drugs needs to well-orchestrated as your health improves and drug dependency is reduced. Supplement optimally to ensure a well-oiled Immune System is obtained and don’t forget to start the slow detox as you rid your gut of the remnant waste lying there in your gut, auto-toxifying your own self continuously daily.

Imsyser is the solution; google for more on these amazing products designed to support Immunity and Gut health.

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