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Feedback on the Investigation Of Covid and the various Vaccines

Feedback on the Investigation Of Covid and the various Vaccines Feedback on the Investigation Of Covid and the various Vaccines. As regards my studies on who is saying what in the industry, I will start off by clarifying that I am by no means a doctor. As much as I have always been aware of…


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Virus studies

Virus studies

Feedback on the Investigation Of Covid and the various Vaccines

Feedback on the Investigation Of Covid and the various Vaccines. As regards my studies on who is saying what in the industry, I will start off by clarifying that I am by no means a doctor. As much as I have always been aware of the main issues around vaccines especially for those who have auto-immune issues.

I cannot change my point of view on the newer ‘vaccine’ versions, as that what they are being labelled as. I fear the worst where we might all be forced to have one of the various vaccine versions, stripping all human rights; but that would be another discussion for another day.

So many are confused within the family of natural healers as there are those outside ‘the family’ of natural healers. And of course, as always, it is a personal choice. I do, however, also believe your first defence should be to optimise your own Immunity with all the healthier options available and then, only then, you have served your body well.

And should the choice be a vaccine; start by healing your body as if it was under an autoimmune attack with the very best natural defences in the market-place.  

The reality behind the Vaccines

I have read about each vaccine and the best by far is the best summary as shared below:      

“COVID Vaccine Options: What’s the Difference? By Dr Inna Topiler:

There are two main differences between the options: mRNA vaccines and Adenovirus DNA vaccines. Moderna and Pfizer are both mRNA vaccines. Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and AstraZeneca are DNA vaccines also referred to as adenovirus vector vaccines.

mRNA Vaccines

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines contain mRNA which code for the spike protein (those are little crowns you can see on the coronavirus when you look at it microscopically). The mRNA itself is very fragile so they have to wrap it in polyethylene glycol which is a lipid nanoparticle. Once that mixture gets into the cells, our cells then read and code it to make the spike protein. Our immune system can then respond by producing B-cells and T-cells. The B-cells produce antibodies so that if we contract COVID, we can fight it off. The T-cells attack and neutralize the virus directly.

The difference between the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine is in the dosage. Pfizer has 30 micrograms of mRNA while Moderna has 100 micrograms of mRNA.

Adenovirus Vaccines

The Johnson & Johnson and the AstraZeneca vaccine are a bit different but they’re actually not  that much  different. These vaccines use an adenovirus (which, by the way, cannot replicate in your cells or mutate) that has DNA injected that codes for the spike protein.

The adenovirus gets into our cells, the gene for the spike protein that was inserted into the adenovirus is then read by the cell and copied to mRNA and then the process is the same as the mRNA vaccine so essentially these vaccines are 1 step before the mRNA vaccines and once it becomes mRNA the immune system takes the same steps to create an immune response.

It’s important to note that these vaccines are not live viruses and as such, are incapable of viral shedding (as has been falsely shared on social media and websites). More traditional vaccines, like the chickenpox  vaccine, for example, may have viral shedding but these COVID vaccines do not.

Vaccine and Autoimmunity

 There is a possible connection between the vaccine and autoimmune issues. This can happen because of cross reactivity, also referred to as something called molecular mimicry. A study done in January 2021 found that when you make antibodies to the spike protein they can look similar to your own tissues and can cross-react by a process called molecular mimicry. This is very similar to what happens with gluten and Hashimoto’s as well as other autoimmune diseases.

For example, if your body has an issue with gluten, you would make antibodies to gluten. There are similarities between compounds on the antibodies and on various organs, like your thyroid, for example. So, if your body sees gluten and you have gluten antibodies, it attacks the gluten. And because of the similarities to say your thyroid, it might also attack the thyroid. This is why immunologists and experts are studying the potential cross-reactivity with these vaccines.

A study done by Drs Vojdani and Dr. Kharazzian found that the immune system’s response to covid antibodies (which we would get from contracting covid or getting the vaccine as both make antibodies), can be connected to autoimmunity.

Because out of the 50 tissues they tested, they saw cross reactivity with 28 tissues including thyroid, pancreas and mitochondria. Interestingly, thought this cross reactivity does not necessarily happen in only those with known autoimmune diseases. But those that do not have a history of autoimmune diseases as well.”

The very best natural defences in the market-place.

Feedback on Covid
Immune support tablets

I have no doubt that many or most, as a result of modern-day toxicity would be classified under this banner of “diseases”. Which happens also to be the reason for the resultant associated deaths for those afflicted with Covid. Another natural response to this would be to manage auto-immunity from the onset.

For this I believe the Imsyser team have always had the best approach and of course the most natural. Getting to all core health issues always starts and ends in the gut; so, we need a healthy, clean, fully-optimized gut:



Once gut health established the Immunity issues mostly resolved, over time. Other than finding the best Immune support, specifically developed for Auto-Immune conditions like the Imsyser Tabs.

This wholefood supplement is clearly in a league of its own serving the body all its essential nutritional needs, yet, with the super anti-oxidant effect, of the best medicinal plants, also ensures a daily internal balance is maintained as a gentle cellular detox is established: http://bit.ly//31DCCQ2     

Not only are you covering all aspects of Auto-Immunity, but serving your very best Immune responses going forward. Should you decide to go the vaccine route. Imsyser been around since 2006 and stood the test of time in the country as listed in Dischems. If you want to know any more simply call Imsyser 086 010 3859 for any further advice required or simply click here: https://www.imsyser.co.zaNatural health has always been this good and especially affordable for the whole family.

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