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Everything You Need To Know About Prebiotics

Everything You Need To Know About Prebiotics

We need to know about the value of prebiotics and Probiotics if we care about our health. With the norm of the modern day being highly inflammatory diets, insufficient sleep, poor water, stress and the overuse of antibiotics that negatively affect our gut flora—most people are battling with auto-immune diseases leading to weight issues, inflammation, low energy and general ‘dis-ease’.

How do we rectify this situation over and above adjusting our lifestyle and diets to conform to healthier standards. Well, quite simply, prebiotics and probiotics are needed to heal the gut because they work to restore friendly flora while providing numerous other health benefits. ALL HEALTH STARTS IN THE GUT!

Probiotics get most of the glory, and they deserve it! They fight pathogens, unfavourable bacteria, yeast, and parasites, becoming mainline defenders against increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and other digestive issues. And the numerous studies over the years have proven over and over again that a DAILY probiotic is needed from birth. Remembering that the copious amounts of natural probiotics that used to come from our previously 100% organic plant types which is now to a large degree almost totally missing!!

To get therapeutic amounts of probiotics, we need to take a quality probiotic supplement that contains billions (not millions) of colony-forming units (CFUs), which are used to measure a probiotic’s potency. But having said this modern day probiotics and there are literally hundreds of them do exactly this, providing billions of only a few strains of these crucially  NECESARY many strains that are needed for optimal gut functioning for the modern gut.

And Prebiotics? Where do they fit in?

Although mentioned less, prebiotics may be just as important (or even more important) than probiotics for gut health. This is because they feed our friendly flora. These probiotic “backups” aren’t digested or absorbed in your gastro-intestinal tract; instead, they bypass your small intestine and head straight for your colon, where they promote a healthy gut environment.

Prebiotics feeds different types of gut flora that helps with bowel regularity, preventing bloating and inflammatory responses in the gut. The general rule is that to get labelled a “prebiotic” an ingredient must resist small-intestinal absorption, be fermented by intestinal microflora (probiotics), and stimulate healthy gut flora. IMSYSER to the rescue!!

How to supplement with these Prebiotics

Imsyser is one of the few if not only in SA that conforms to this requirement; is a fermented, LIVE culture that incorporates all these facets of healthy flora with a natural dose of digestive enzymes to boot! All in a 500ml container designed to support continued growth in the ‘live’ culture and ensuring a pre and probiotic supply enough for the whole family, ALL ages, especially pregnant mommies.

Imsyser Pre&Probiotics was developed to ensure good maintenance of the Gut health daily and thereby also assisting optimal Immune health is ensured. This is a uniquely designed 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic (500 ml; once opened lasts 1 – 2 months) with a symbiotic relationship of the prebiotics and digestive enzymes needed to assist & mimic natural gut behaviour. Can be taken as is or in a little juice. Works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of gut, where most probiotics in tablet form do not even work. These common probiotics as found in pharmacies cannot be dried-freezed to go into a tablet or capsule form. Therefore Imsyser is a truly amazing product, unique in its design, and instantly effective solution to 100 % probiotic support for gut (and Immune) health.

Create the ultimate prebiotic salad.

If you’re throwing together a salad, toss in some raw dandelion greens. About a 1/4 of its weight is prebiotics, and it also supports liver and kidney detoxification. Also try adding prebiotic-fibre-loaded chickpeas!  Raw garlic and raw onions are also great prebiotic food sources. To optimize gut health, incorporate soluble-fibre foods like apples, lentils, ground flaxseeds, and nuts, which slow digestion and steady your blood-sugar response. And then you can even sprinkle a little of the probiotics on your salad.

This our ultimate guide to better gut health and may help you lose weight, reverse your risk for chronic disease, and give you more energy. For more information to build a healthier gut visit or simply call 086 010 3859

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