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More On The Essentials Around Enzymes In A Good Probiotic

More on the essentials around Enzymes in a good Probiotic

Enzymes in our body are responsible for stimulating normal biological functions which aid in the removal of toxins from the body and also stimulate anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents. Several conditions must be met for enzymes to function appropriately and so you may also recall that enzymes function at a preferred pH.

The typical lifestyle consists of chronic conditions which degrade the body’s optimal working environments changing the pH of the body and therefore the milieu in which enzymes function. From the air we breathe, food we eat and lotions we apply we offset the normal pH of the organs in our body and contribute to the development of cancer. So not only is the food and water we drink of importance to maintain optimal health but also good air is of crucial importance. This however not just staying away from a smoking environment. Even good amounts of healthy exercise stimulate this activity into the body.

Nutrient dense whole plant foods are abundant in enzymes, which enable the body at removing debris. Enzymes especially promote the healthy function of organs constantly inundated with toxins such as the liver, stomach, intestines and lungs.  Lemon and lime provide these organs with organic acids which help buffer pH and natural enzymes which promote the body’s natural abilities to metabolise nutrients. This is one of the reasons we always hammer our clients to optimise good pH levels through drinking enough water with a good pH.

Systemic enzymes can be used to treat cancers and most auto-immune diseases by boosting natural immune system defences such as cytokines, macrophages and natural killer cells which target abnormal growing cells and inhibit further synthesis. Natural enzymes also improve all digestion and gut health which equally important in stabilising gut health and therefore optimising your Immunity.

For this very reason, the Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser, a 12 STRAIN liquid Probiotic is your best defence against disease and for all well-being as the natural enzymes are part of the amazing liquid Pre- & Pro-biotic Liquid. This probiotic is designed in a very unique way embracing all good probiotic behaviour from a fermented, live culture, and is available in a 500ml bottle. This supply is enough for the whole family of all ages to use for anything from a month to 2 months!!

In fact, it is a known scientific fact that we now need to supplement daily on a good probiotic, literally from birth and having compared ‘apples with apples’ so to say, the mere amount, 500 ml, over-rides all benefits most tablet/capsule forms of probiotics offer to our clients. Most other suppliers mostly have a 4 day supply at best!! And then, of course, none have the benefit of 12 strains living in complete symbiosis as mimicked in the gut.

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