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Epigenics & our Body, Mind and Spirit

It is a known fact that we are what we eat and we are what we think. In other words the nutrition into the cell will directly affect your cellular activity and therefore has the potential to affect the DNA of the cell. We are NOT governed by our genes and Prof. Bruce Lipton has proven this to be the case in many case studies and in many of his books written on the subject.

To effectively regenerate body tissues we need good effective cellular support. Some of the regeneration rates:

Blood                   120 days

Skeleton                90 days

Brain and tissue   60 days

Bladder                 49 days

Liver and DNA      45 days

New hair & skin    30 days

Stomach                  5days

So too the cell is looking for water and oxygen to survive. We can control all these factors. Good health nutrition and good healthy water is crucial for effective cellular functioning. Oxygen supply is easily controlled by effective breathing techniques ( deep breathing) especially in stressful circumstances. As a rule we all suffer from shallow breathing enhanced by the fact that very few people really practice good vigorous aerobic exercise.

The cell membrane is the ‘brain’ of the cell and therefore directly controls the cell activities and ultimately the DNA of the cell.

So too the thoughts we think can control the environment around the cell and therefore indirectly the environment in the cell. Dr Caroline Leaf is amazing in her 20 year’s worth of studies around these intricacies. If the emotions conveying negative energy are negative it is exactly this energy that has the potential to affect the outside and thus also inside of the cell. We have anything up to 80 000 thoughts per day – how many of these are negative or bad?? Imagine all that negative energy roaming the body looking for irregular cellular activities or just a weak link! You be the judge!

The human being was not designed to be sick; i.e. the workings of our potentially amazing Immune System; but epigenics & the metagenic realm is managing to destroy our very core makeup & intelligent God-given design.

We have to re-allign and de-frog our lifestyles and thinking processes (especially at subconscious level) to accommodate a healthier existence otherwise the existing potential cells in all human beings have the potential to go out of sync and this in its simplest form is ‘dis-ease’ or Cancer.

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