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How To Ensure “Regularity” of Bowel Movement

How to ensure ‘Regularity’ of Bowel Movement.

Hydration. It’s always about optimal hydration. Modern day man is classically chronically suffering various levels of dehydration. The result constipation of various degrees.

Fibre. We NEED fibre and if your diet fails you (by choice of course), ensure you assist the digestive tract with a good ‘fibering up’ with the Imsyser cleanse. This product classically was designed was a 7-day detox but in small dosages over extended periods of times may assist with this GUT functioning for ALL ages WITHOUT creating a ‘lazy gut syndrome’.

Spend ‘quality time on the toilet! To get the day off to a good start, give yourself enough time early in the morning to honour the normal elimination function of the large intestine. Teach your children at a young age. Reading helps!

The morning is the most important time to drink plenty of water and the worst time to have caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and takes water away from your colon to the kidneys and bladder for evacuation, but your body s water in the morning to keep up its repair and maintenance of the large intestine and colon.

The rule of thumb is to start the day with a really tall glass of water before you do anything else. Drinking plenty of water at this time keeps you from getting constipated, gaining weight, looking and feeling older and improves your overall health.

And then my favourite tip for adult use only; on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to really get you going within 30 minutes:

Mug of hot water

Flat teaspoon of cinnamon

Flat teaspoon of ginger (preferably fresh) Tip of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper Tot or 2 of organic apple cider vinegar ( or to taste as not everyone likes it that strong) Hone to taste.


Just another good health tip form the Imsyser Team.  For more information on our products, just click here:

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