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Edible Gardens by Imsyser; the Future

The edible garden industry is still fairly new in the South African market, in terms of research and the number of completely developed gardens and farms.

In a country where ‘dis-ease’, obesity included, is rampant we should be considering going back to basics as far as nutrition is concerned. What you put into the soil is ultimately what you will get out of the soil and that should be your ‘superfood’ on your plate. Why not turn at least part or whole of your garden into a lush source of nutrition. A dream come true for this company; they will:

  • Do Soil Tests (PH levels and moisture)
  • Create your Edible Garden.
  • Monitor your plants for harvesting and seed harvesting.
  • Monitor ‘turning’ of your compost box.
  • Do Worm farm maintenance/compost.
  • Harvesting and sell your edibles, worms and compost to paying partners or new clients.
  • Provide feedback on the health and well-being of your plants and how to treat insect, or any other problems, should they occur.
  • What has been harvested; generate a ‘buy-back’ program in a larger scheme.
  • Create Mulch/ Compost boxes (customized).
  • Create Micro-organism ‘teas’: Worm tea, Cow dung tea, Horse manure tea.
  • Create Watering/sprinkler systems (customized).
  • Provide Seedlings (heirloom and organic).
  • Create Plant boxes (customized).
  • Create your own unique ‘Ruler Garden Box System, Vertical gardens (customized).
  • Electric garden fencing (to keep pets and animals out of your garden).
  • Solar geyser conversions.
  • Help with Edible Products: Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, Preserves, Pesto’s etc.
  • Cooking courses.
  • Orgranic gardening courses.

Imsyser is proud to be associated with this 26 year old dream. For more information please contact the IMSYSER HO: 086 010 3859

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