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Eat your way to Happiness!

What to do?

This time if the year we generally have more time to do better food preparations  but don’t do soas there is just too much partying going on.

Well correct choices of the healthier options remains first choice and then of course optimizing absorption for those good choices with a good Probiotic like the Imsyser Health 12 strain liquid.

Happy Hormone time!

It is not necessarily always this for a lot of people with compromised situations but even in this good eating choices are a number 1 saviour!

Serotin is our happy hormone and most definitely affects our  daily ‘state of being’ . Having said that, at Imsyser Health we have always tried to emphasize ‘let food bw your medicine’ ; in other words ‘let food be your happiness’!!

Eating proteins (amino acids ) like Tryptophan remains cricial to establishing this healthy ‘high’! Carnohydrates on the other hand help carry the serotonin to your brain so creating a healthy balance on your plate remains crucial! If course we refer to rhe right healthy carbohydrares!!

For the best sliw time release of ‘happiness’ we at Imsyser suggest a little help from our Immune Support range developed soecifically to add value  from a wholefood perspective! Allbthe essentials from a wholesource whilst allowing for a gentle cellular detox at the sane time.

Why detox

There is nothing more restricting than toxic buildup at cellular and or gut level.

Keep it clean!!

And Imsyser Health remains your best healthiest choice in this regard!

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