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Don’t undermine the function of the Brain!

Your brain’s main job

So often we somehow think we only need a brain to think for us, but your brain is constantly assessing what’s happening in and around you as it receives messages externally or internally from within the gut. Your brain’s main job is survival be it pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation, lowered resistance to infections, declining memory, cognition and so the list continues.

The source to this survival is thus either an external trigger or an internal one – heart rate, breathing, digestion, hormones, neurotransmitters, along with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, logic, knowledge, culture, previous experiences, and memory. Millions of triggers are happening all day long…

But what happens when for instance, a Pandemic strikes, and or huge emotional turmoil results or quite simply age shows Cognitive decline, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and or other brain dysfunctions? Quite simply, shutdown is triggered.   

How to manage life for your best brain heath going forward

If you change the external factors like mindset, nutrition, exercise, movement, sleep, posture, and other lifestyle (gut health especially) and or Spiritual measures you are becoming your Brains best friend.

In this regard simple lifestyle techniques that have proven effective over centuries always boils down to basics:

  • Enough GOOD sleep & rest; holidays.
  • Enough GOOD healthy water. Hydration is key!
  • Good healthy thoughts – this must be a constant choice.
  • Forgiveness. All the time.
  • Healthy lifestyle includes exercise for best circulation.
  • Healthy lifestyle includes enough super foods, wholefoods & especially Omegas.
  • Healthy lifestyle includes a daily Probiotic.
  • Healthy Lifestyles includes regular a detox.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, & Cognitive decline are the leading cause of DISABILITY in the world; and it is not necessarily always an age-related onset but many times triggered by higher than normal levels of toxicity in the body & MIND!!  

At Imsyser Health we have been specialising in Immunity from a healthy gut perspective with a huge emphasis on natural detoxing for years because we understand a compromised Immunity, a compromised gut health and therefore a compromised brain health. All systems are constantly talking to each other and directly affect each other, eventually, in the bigger scheme of things.

So be it a simple product to assist with your most natural detox from parasite cleanses, intestinal cleanses, liver flushes, Candida cleanses, cellular flushes, fat & sugar metabolism to heavy metal detoxes – we have the products. And then of course the natural restoration by supplying the gut and body with all the healthy good bacteria if needs to feed the brain as well as the super nutritional support. It’s actually quite simple; if you think about it. De-clutter, balance and restore.

Call us 086 010 3859 or click here for more – it’s not what we do but how we approach health that makes all the difference – slowly naturally for your very best you:

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