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Don’t Stop Your Regular Detoxing!

Toxins are everywhere…

Regular detoxing, I would like to say daily maintenance thereof , is important in order to achieve optimal Immunity in the best of times. These days – with ongoing major viral threats – it is more important than ever. There are currently more than 100,000 chemicals approved for commercial use, and many of them make it into the air, water, our foods and even our homes; most we are not even aware of.

We are more exposed to toxic compounds than any generation in history…and we wonder why older people ask the question “but we survived other pandemics?” !

Toxic load is the issue. And removing it with a healthy natural supplement, on a daily basis, for cellular flushing remains crucial. What I say hereby, is that your very best wholefood supplement remains crucial, loaded with your very best ‘natural medicines’ ,that are loaded with anti-oxidants to helps neutralize all free radicals and actively assist in removing cellular waste and or toxic build-up  daily:

I believe in seasonal detoxes to rearrange the internal balance and improving the functionality of, for instance, the gut – removing old toxic mucoidal linings (which naturally happens over time anyway) and any waste accumulated, to ensure a healthy gut lining is left in-tact, to ensure optimal nutritional absorption is obtained for best most natural output going forward – energy:

Occasionally, liver cleanses are needed starting with 6-8 weekly treatments in bad toxicity cases and then seasonally thereafter. Many forget when the gut is the active ‘body brain’ during the day; i.e. the need for a fully functional gut for your very best Immune health and as I mentioned energy output day in and day out. But by night-time, the liver kicks in as the ‘body brain’ and regulates most activities, especially the full detox functions for the body, and, we also need regular ‘maintenance’ of all these systems for best performance. The two systems are totally dependent on each other for your very best health, all ages:

I would never do liver cleanse on a child although there are more ‘lenient’ ways of helping the liver cleanse for children, but, assisting in active ‘bulking or fibre-up’ for children, especially in cases where the diet is not effective in this regard, remains crucial. once again the Imsyser Cleanse is of huge assistance here taken in smaller doses once daily till diet is adjusted.     

One of the biggest problems with toxic build-up is Immune functions becomes compromised. Your liver — your body’s main detox organ — is also a central part of your Immune system.   

When you’re healthy, your liver protects you from viruses and bacteria, keeping you from getting sick. The liver is central in processing viruses and must be focused on if you’re concerned about Immunity.

Talking about bacteria, parasites and viruses

If you don’t detox consistently, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins overwhelm your liver, and it can no longer keep you safe from these pathogens and you become susceptible to disease. For some clients, a simple parasite cleanse is the little ‘help’ that is needed. I have found that when I help clients with a simple parasite cleanse after they have tried everything else to no avail and or chronic dis-ease remains this simple trick sorts our all issues. And what’s more on this discovery journey have realised and with the new information on dis-ease, especially cancers, there is a very strong link between Parasites and the micro-toxic release all pathogens release which is even more toxic than the toxin themselves:

and the other pathogens and micro-toxic clean-up needs, Vulcan Silver:

How do you manage toxin exposure and keep your Immune system strong?

If you don’t keep up with the constant flood of toxins, they’ll overwhelm your system and accumulate in your cells, gradually sapping your energy, mental clarity, and Immune health.

That’s why you need to detox every day. I have been taking my Vulcan Silver daily through this Pandemic crisis….

Dealing with Heavy Metals

Heavy metals include lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum. These toxic metals are in a surprising number of products and environmental sources that you encounter every day. Heavy metals are a constant taxation on your Immune health. If you don’t detox on a regular basis, they’ll accumulate in your fat stores, making it especially hard to lose weight, battle with low energy, mental clarity and various other health issues. Heavy metals shut down your Immune response by preventing you from making B Immune cells — the cells your body releases to fight off infectious bacteria and viruses and are the main triggers for most of your auto-immune conditions:

The longer toxins sit in your body, the more your Immune system declines, and the harder it is for you to recover and get back to good health and one of the reasons Cancer doesn’t just ‘show up’ it is a process in the coming. That’s why you need a daily detox protocol.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you have to support your detoxification pathways and clear out any accumulated toxins hiding in your cells. Imsyser Health specialises in Gut and Immune health from not only a detox angle, but also from a nutritional support angle, providing the healthiest assistance 100% naturally, using medicinal plants, to help the body in its healing journey and or maintenance of a healthy internal balance.

We serve because we love helping other find their healthiest self in especially the most compromised of times. Simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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