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Don’t Forget The Youth

Don’t Forget The Youth. The future of our children

Don’t Forget The Youth. It is a known fact that the newer strain of the virus is affecting our youth so it is a question of re-addressing and focusing on the Immunity of our youth. Not that is should have been ignored till now. But with modern day toxicity seeping through at the most crucial of levels. Like the water we drink and the air we breathe. Incorporating good nutritional supplementation is important. From the youngest of ages. Especially going into school by month end.

It’s easy to view the body as a series of chemical reactions. Getting enough sleep and exercise, eating well and taking medications when necessary. But that is not the only reality. After all, we are Body Mind and Spirit. I think it is as important to address health issues for the Youth. From a gut perspective. Starting with the very best probiotic. To address the mind issues. As well as making sure the best nutritional support is given in an easy to take form.

Imsyser addressing nutritional super shakes as the new go to food, easy to make, easy to transport and even easier too drink when al the nutritional support is included.


Don't forget the youth
Nucleo Nutrition

We really believe that you and I deserve at least one affordable… super healthy meal… every day…and that is exactly why we are manufacturing the Superfood.

Nucleo is a well-balanced, high fat, high protein, low GI carb, meal replacement shakes or smoothie:

Formulated by a medical doctor and anti-aging expert.

Free from sugar, gluten, dairy and chemical preservatives.

It provides sustained energy, improves concentration and provides extraordinary capacity to fight disease.

Nucleo® is unique in that no other shake or porridge in  South Africa:

Combines 43 nutritional ingredients which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega oils, antioxidants, protein and carbohydrates the body needs to ensure sustained energy release, improved concentration and reduced fatigue and illness, while gradually fortifying the Immune System.

Applies specific natural, nutritional techniques to nurture, recover and heal the intestine and therefore ensuring optimal absorption of all the ingredients into the bloodstream.

Simply add too water, milk or juice – add your daily dose of Imsyser Liquid Probiotic – shake and drink. Even my grandchild enjoys the benefits of this nutritional shake on the go. Minus any sugar or additives that compromise your health:

Call us. This product is for all ages. Even for those recuperating from COVID-19 and especially the aged: 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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