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Immune support

Imsyser’s Immune support tablets have been in the market place since 2006, 2 Years after some scientists and a very dedicated team put together a wholefood supplement years ahead of its even present competitors. Not only is it amazing in its unique design years ahead of its competitors when the word ‘auto-immunity’ had no real meaning to most on the street, but is also 100% Natural, totally Organic made from Medicinal plants sourced right here in South Africa, and is manufactured by Good Manufacturing Principles……a truly Proudly South African product that  has stood the test of time. Nappi-coded for most big pharma requirements.

More on these amazing Tablets that has got many in our neighbouring Africa countries, many who were physically waiting on death ,out of bed, alive and well within 3 days!

More on this amazing Tablets that has got many aged peolple in Nigeria up and out of bed back going back to home chores as per usual at the age of 94 years after lying in bed waiting on death!

The Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tabs is a 100% natural, organic product. No extractions or additional chemically added &/extracted nutrition is included in this ‘eco-friendly-designed’ wholefood product.  Mother Nature provides all nutrition in its wholefood form.

The Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tabs is a powerful, energy releasing tablet, truly unique in its design as it quite simply restores balance from within by gently doing a gentle daily cellular detox whilst still supplying all the essentials for a healthy functioning Immune System. By saying it is a gentle detox, it is not just the super anti-oxidant activity, but also the ability to assist in helping any toxic waste out of the cell to improve internal balance and health.

So too, by saying improving internal balance by optimizing with these essentials, we mean, supplying all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a source of omegas in its most natural wholefood state for 100% and optimal absorption.     

The Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tabs were designed to support optimal health and ‘dis-ease’ prevention and not mere symptom alleviation as provided by most opposition chemical alternatives freely available in the marketplace …

100% Safe to Use; all ages….

Imsyser is a 100% natural product that contains no preservatives or stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine. Imsyser is safe for use in adults, children and pregnant women. Imsyser can be used without any other medication. Imsyser has been declared safe for human consumption.

All ages may use the product with/without the assistance of your health advisor since it is a 100 % natural product and safe to use with all other chronic medications. Since it restores balance and health at the root level of the ‘dis-ease’, relief from ‘dis-ease’ symptoms might be experienced quite quickly. A ground-breaking product.

It is a well-known scientific fact that for the body to function optimally i.e. free from ‘dis-ease’ a healthy Immune System (stemming from a healthy gut) is a fundamental requirement.

No Side Effects or Special Precautions

Although Imsyser has no known side effects, a slight headache might occur during the first couple of days due to the detoxification of the body at cellular level. If this occurs, it may be helpful to take only half the prescribed dose for the first three days and then resume with the normal dose. DRINK WATER TO FLUSH TOXINS….Sleeplessness may occur, due to natural energy increases in which case only half the recommended dosage should be taken in the morning and the balance not later than 14H00. As a rule I find this only to apply to females as they tend to sleep more poorly than men do.

For men, I have found the suggestion to take some tablets before sport at night really adds that kick start to training without affecting their sleep, and of course, if there is a night out, there is an amazing benefit when taken before you leave for the party to super-dose with 6 tablets before and on return from home. Not only are the side effects from literally too much partying negated but so too the dealing with the “next day rotten hangover feeling”. It is not just the value add of good nutritional support that has this effect but one would imagine the energy increase to counter the effects of possibly too much partying as well!

I have quite possibly just added a little ‘too much unnecessary information’ with the last comment but there are those looking for some help in this regard, safe help, without the chemical nature. This however is NOT our claim to fame but ensuring that your very best health is achieved without adding more toxic additions to your health equation when in fact we are already so very compromised from an Immune perspective.

And of course, now with this Pandemic, we really need to be making the best choices for our health and for our pocket – so for this very reason it is also affordable giving you that ‘all-in-one’ product advantage. I don’t believe there is a tablet in the market place presently that does this. It’s that simple. Imsyser is available countrywide otherwise simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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