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Do You Know the Bio-Availability of your Supplement…?

Imsyser we care about our client’s health

At Imsyser we care about our client’s health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique, 100% natural and safe to use for all ages….and they are totally bio-available almost immediately. Ever wondered why the energy release is very so quickly compared to most other especially chemical alternatives? The tablets are made from all natural wholefood sources. A no brained for optimal healthy choices.

Call Dianne @086 010 3859 and ask her about this photo which was rugged experiment with the Imsyser Tabs compared to a capsule filled with similar. I watched this process over 24 hours, with very little change, only to realize we really have an amazing product in this regard. The experiment happened with cold water with a little lemon juice not even close to the acidity of the stomach nor its natural temperature range. Still amazing ability to dissolve within a few minutes.

More about Imsyser

All our health products originated for the purpose of supporting optimal balanced Immune Health through a healthy gut functioning, and are intended to form a well-balanced, stabilized body condition. All the essential 22 Amino Acids, 11 essential Minerals, 11 Essential Vitamins and a supply of natural Omega 3,6 & 9( in its complete state) form part of this unique design.

During 2002, Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tablets was formulated, streets ahead of its competitors. Imsyser is a 100% natural product. A powerful energy releasing tablet.

Who can use this product…?

All ages may use the product with/without the assistance of your health adviser since it is a  100 % natural product and safe to use with all other chronic medications. A ground-breaking product.


Based on this and bio-feedback from our clients through the years IMSYSER MAY HELP WITH most Immune System related illnesses possibly including:


#High blood sugar (diabetes)

#Colds and flu



#Rheumatoid Arthritis

#SLE (Lupus)

#Psoriasis and skin problems

#Coxsackie Virus


#Certain cancers





#Multiple Sclerosis

#Chronic Fatigue



#Mouth lesions

#Wound healing

#Memory loss and bad concentration

#Bacterial infections like sinusitis and tonsillitis

#Blood pressure and cholesterol abnormalities

#Poor blood circulation

#Impaired lung function

#Prostate hypertrophy, tumours and cysts


#Testicular tumours

#Urinary and Uterine infections

#Irritable bowel syndrome

#Spastic colon


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