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Do We Need A Daily Dose Of Probiotics?

The ultimate question: do we need a daily dose of probiotics?? Yes or No??

The role of the microme in regulation of Immunity, Inflammatory responses, Brain health, Mental health and actually all facets of health actually all starts with the birth experience. Mental health and wellness are often a reflection of bodily and physiologic balances or the lack thereof – endocrine, gut, immune, neurochemical. Allergies, Auto-Immune disorders, Metabolic Disturbances , and the big ‘C’ANCER are all indicators of the nature of this imbalance.

Increasing evidence supports the primary role of the gut microme in influencing stress-response patterns, cortisol production and resultant body regulatory processes.

In our previous blog we referred to epigenetics. This is the body’s ability to manifest variable genetic expressions within our epigenome without changes to the primary nucleotide sequences of our DNA itself. You are what you think and you are what you eat in simple English for most of us.

The importance of the gut housing all the microflora, primarily bacteria and its larger function within the Immune System is just an extension of our amazing God-given Immune System and these same microme are responsible for metabolising of food production of nutrients and even for detoxing chemical exposures lethal to the natural gut functioning. Good Gut Health is the Key to your Good Health.

So getting back to the birthing process. The microbes of the ‘mommy’ are active in the placenta, umbilical cord, and across to the foetal membranes. So in other words as we have mentioned on numerous occasions the mother-to-be’s long life of antibiotics, birth control, gluten, GMOs, chronic stress, and vaccination all WILL affect all the stages of gestation. Once again referring to epigenetics – the environment! So a nutrient rich environment would positively influence the pregnancy as would a poor, toxic state affect this same environment in a negative fashion.

So do the ‘old-fashioned’ vaginal birth influences gene expression in new-borns: “surgically born new-borns are more likely to have gut colonization from non-mother skin flora than mother’s gut. In this analysis, they corroborated the ‘non-maternal skin bacteria’ inheritance of the infants born surgically, and found that they were colonized by less beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacterium and bacteroides. They attribute differences in health outcomes in these children to the presence of a pathogenic species – Clostridium difficile.”

Also “A new hypothesis says that hospital-acquired infections are being driven not by the existence of harmful microbes but by the absence of helpful species. We may be setting the stage for lifelong obesity, asthma, allergy, and mental illness by neglecting the role of hospital-based microbial life and interference with maternal transfer of bacteria, in the birthing of our babies.”

And sharing this “as far as breastmilk is concerned it is so much more than ‘food’. It contains immune factors, bacteria (termed entero-mammary transfer), and over 200 unique oligosaccharides, designed to nourish gut bacteria, which are not replicable and conspicuously absent from each and every formula on the market. Recently, epigenetic modifiers as packets of immune-related information or exosomes have been discovered in breastmilk, further revealing the hubris involved in assuming that we have decoded the elements of infant immunity and nutrition evolved over millions of years. Infants are born with an anti-inflammatory phenotype, designed to rely on maternal immunity for temporary genomic education and expression. Vaccine-induced antibody production and associated immune-stimulating toxic adjutants have no place in this relationship, and are, in no way, a surrogate”.

What are we really saying?? Babies today as a rule are born deficient in gut microme and this can be observed with chronic colic setting in within 3 days post birth. Why? The deficient good micromes are overtaken by the bad ones and basic bloating results and with that pain and therefore crying. It remains a simple resultant explanation for the mother then to supplement with a good probiotic to assist in the re-establishment of the good microme to assist in stabilising the gut.

This problem does not end here as the older child then more than likely continues with a diet deficient in same good dense nutrition and all depletion continues. Absorption is minimalised, energy levels drop and various auto-immune conditions such ADD etc. progress naturally. How do we restore this?? The solution is simple: a daily dose of good probiotics.

And then our teenagers and of course mom and dad?? The same applies.

Imsyser has a 12 strain liquid probiotic uniquely designed to support optimal gut microme in a 500ml bottle enough for the whole family to use daily, pricing equivalently the same as most probiotics which usually in their tablet/capsule state last 4 days at best. Visit for more on this amazing product or call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859.

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