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We are sharing this article because as we have mentioned in so many published articles the answer lies in the soil. SA used to have the most amazing soil with those benefits pushing through to the plants, trees and therefore our foods ( seeds and other) inclusive of meat ( the food chain through to the livestock eating such plants). Most of the quality ground is now destroyed and we NEED to supplement otherwise we not only stay nutritionally deplete but WILL become ‘dis-eased’ as a result.

There is quite a bit we cannot do regarding these issues but we can try and source really good organic  food sources and remember to stay ‘green’ – God has supplied ALL the necessities right here for us on Mother earth to not only enjoy but to live good happy as well as healthy lives. This will not only be your own health legacy but the one you leave for generations to come. In reality we just don’t have  choice since ‘you ARE what you EAT’ and you are the author of this ‘creational being’ in its live form.

Make a choice today. There is enough help in making these daily choices till old habits are broken ( Caroline Leaf is amazing on this topic) and you will reap the benefits in so many ways. Start with a good detox ( Imsyser Health Products is really amazing in this regard) change your eating habits and just FEEL the difference. You will SEE the difference as well. Read this article for yourself and see why we just don’t have a choice…..if anything learn that we now require a daily supplement of probiotics DAILY, even new-borns!!!


For the past several years, probiotics (good bacteria) have been all the rage in the health food industry. Yogurt, sauerkraut, dark chocolate and pickles — these are all foods that contain beneficial probiotics, which aid in digestive health and have other benefits.

While the positive influences of probiotics have mostly been focused on the food we eat, there’s a whole other opportunity that scientists and researchers are learning about. It has to do with plants, and the rewards could be huge.

Why trees are the answer

Sharon Doty is a professor and researcher with the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. She’s been studying probiotics in plants for the past 15 years. More specifically, her focus has been on the beneficial microorganisms that live In trees.

“I’ve been surprised by the amazing diversity of microbes within trees,” Doty says. “And I’ve also been surprised by the broad range of plant species that can benefit from the microbes from wild plants in their native habitats.”

Doty and her team studied this first hand by isolating endophytes (bacteria or fungus that live in plants) from poplar and willow trees. Even though these trees don’t have root nodules, the team found beneficial endophytes throughout the plant. Why does that matter? Because many people have wrongly assumed that beneficial plant bacteria can only come from root nodules. Then the researchers applied what they collected to rice plants.

Reduce chemical use

Their theory was if they used beneficial bacteria on these plants that they could use less chemical fertilizer. And it worked! The plants grew bigger and better with more developed root systems without having to use all the chemicals traditionally used to grow plants. It was a major environmental win for the team.

“If we could reduce our dependency on chemical fertilizer, there is potential to greatly help the environment,” Doty says. “We have found that the microbes from the wild plants help the plants not only with nutrients, but they increase growth and tolerance to stresses including drought.”

So start that detox programme today and go slow. It has taken years to get here and might take months to change but ‘JUST DO IT!!!’ for more call the Imsyser team at 086 010 3859 or visit us at

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