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Discover how you can sleep through the night too !

Millions of people all over the world are taking sleeping medications , so you are not the only person struggling with chronic fatigue and insomnia!  These medications can be seriously harmful to your body, and habit-forming. Taking prescriptions so that you can have a good nights rest, is not a good solution to end your torment.  There is in fact […]


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Millions of people all over the world are taking sleeping medications , so you are not the only person struggling with chronic fatigue and insomnia!  These medications can be seriously harmful to your body, and habit-forming.

Taking prescriptions so that you can have a good nights rest, is not a good solution to end your torment. 

There is in fact an easier, healthier and more natural solution .  It is easier than you think.

Whats really sad is the first thing a medical doctor prescribes, is a sleeping aid.  Using unnatural sleep aids, and prescription medication can lead to overuse, dependency, and severe health risks which can result in increased depression, worsening health problems and even increase you chances of a debilitating stroke ! 

How to restore you body’s natural ability to fall asleep …


 You can easily and gently restore your body’s natural ability to fall asleep by knowing why your body is not relaxing enough to fall into natural sleep patterns.

Understanding what keeps you awake, and why, you can take the steps to help you reduce its negative effects.  Then you need to retrain you mind and body to relax.  

It’s as easy as plugging into you headset and listening to an audio !

Once you understand the why, the how is easy !

How your insomnia is harming you …

Even if you try to go to bed early on the hopes that you may beable to fall asleep and get a full night of sleep — you generally wind up even more tired. Because trying to force your body to relax doesn’t work. In the end you wake up more exhausted than before you went to bed!

You probably already have had co-workers and family insisting that you need to get to bed earlier and get more rest because your sleepy expressions, listless attitude and slumped posture show you look as over-tired as you feel!

Even worse, others may believe that you are depressed, unhealthy, or hungover hurting your image (and even harming your chances for success in life). Don’t let that happen to you!

You may also be spending a fortune on over the counter sleep aids to help fight your insomnia. Over time this extra expense taxes your budget and just causes an extra hassle that’s aggravating and even more stressful to your finances.

But don’t beat yourself up. Your problems with your insomnia are easy to remedy. So please keep reading…

Why living your life in overdrive is the Culprit!

 So if you think this…

“I’m really feeling stressed out today…”  
these words are not to be ignored. Here are some of the leading culprits.

Environmental Stress: Your stress-filled environment bombards your body and mind every single day. Stress is responsible for over eighty-five percent of all illness in our modern society. Everywhere you turn you see and feel stress. In your personal life you may have mortgages, credit card debt, housework, taxes, crying babies, or wayward teens, marital troubles and more. On the job you may have difficult co-workers, lengthy meetings, disagreements with management, technology meltdowns, cell phones that now keep you chained to work no matter where you go and more activities than is humanly possible.

Invisible Toxins and Electronic Stress: Invisible toxins wear down your body and cloud your mind and thinking. Every day you feel pressure to keep up with the frenetic pace of modern life. When using today’s technology based gadgets we’ve invented technology to simplify our lives but in effect we have increased our stress levels — by being in constant connection — and so have boosted our chronic stress levels like never before. No wonder with all this stress your body can’t relax naturally as it used to! 

Over Production of Stress Chemicals in Your Body: Because of constant, never ending stress your body produces an excess of the fight or flight chemicals, adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisol. Over time the build up of these stress-related hormones can result in toxicity to the nervous system — you experience chronic headaches, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, or high blood pressure.

Chronic Stress Reduces Your Immune Response: Not only do you get every “flu bug” that comes around, but chronic stress reduces the response you have to any attack on your system. It can trigger problems with the immune system like chronic fatigue, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, allergies and even cancer! Continued build up of stress chemicals causes your body to become toxic. What this means is, your body is too stressed and can not  produce the right chemicals to induce relaxation. Your brain is fighting your body’s need to rest because it can’t turn off the switch to stress mode!

Reduction in Production of Relaxation Chemicals: Over time these chemicals block your body from being able to manufacture the relaxation chemicals to induce the deep relaxation you need to be able to enter the sleep. So this means no matter how hard you try to “switch it off” you can’t because your brain is too wound up!

Poor Diet: Eating on the run and skipped meals can wreak havoc on your health. This results in an improper balance of vitamin’s minerals and essential nutrients which prevents your body from producing the sleep hormones it needs.

Lack of Exercise: Not taking the time to get some fresh air and exercise can hamper your body’s natural needs to expend energy. When you can’t take time out of your hectic life to exercise, not only your muscles but your mind will start to fail you. 

Working Odd Hours Or Too Late At Night: Working long hours or very late can cause problems with your natural sleep cycle. Once your natural sleep cycle is disrupted it gets harder and harder to go to sleep at the same time and wake up refreshed.

Worries about Finances: Worry from finances is the number one sleep problem most people say keep them awake at night. When your mind is constantly thinking about finances and you can’t shut it off, this is a major cause of restless nights leading to problems with insomnia.

Worries about Relationships, Coworkers, Family and Relatives: Worry from relationship problems, job concerns, family issues and problems with relatives all add to the overload you experience when you try to fall asleep at night. When you are suffering from problems in these critical areas of your life, sleep seems miles away…

It’s no wonder that your body and mind are constantly stressed to the breaking point!

And these causes are just the obvious ones!

How To Finally Cure Your Insomnia

Imagine turning back the clock on your health. What would it be like to have unlimited energy to burn, to bound through your day like when you were young again… to never experience a problem with falling asleep again?

Picture yourself powering through your workday, feeling sharp and in focus, and getting the day’s work done in half the time it used to! Then once your workday is done, jumping in the car, and driving home feeling good and looking forward to a night on the town!

Imagine that wonderful life!

Instead of coming home worn out and over-tired from a hectic day at work and all you feel like doing is slumping down like a sack of potatoes sitting on the worn spot on your couch! Those days are over!

Soon you can be sleeping through the night and getting an enormous feeling of well-being and waking up refreshed andready to tackle your day!

You have the power to end your insomnia — starting tonight!

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