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Digestive Health And Weight

The festive season where digestive health and weight issues come to play; and  over eating rules.  Imsyser to the rescue! Digestive Health And Weight issues discussed.

The mere introduction of a daily probiotic, either pre- or post big meal/party, is the simplest solution void of bloating, discomfort, IBS and any of these associated gut syndromes.

We have a special the next two weeks, since we are also doing our part to festive season specials and more importantly health and weight management, when all of these are actually under constant strain this time of the year.  CALL LIZA TODAY FOR THIS SPECIAL.

Your stomach is your first chance at proper digestion. And is probably the most ignored part of the digestive tract. And it all starts here as our nose picks up the smells and actually identifies the food and accordingly starts producing the correct digestive juices and enzymes to assist in the breakdown of these foods, initially in smaller parts. ie WE NEED TO CHEW PROPERLY AND SLOWLY to allow the process of identification to literally sink in. This is the part of the digestive process most of us are completely unaware of and with all honestly if weight loss is your intention you are going NOWHERE without doing this WITH GOOD INTENTION. An old professor taught us (and I continually have to remind myself to do this), that after you have actually taken a mouth full of food, to actually drop your utensils back in your plate, and put your hands in you lap while you chew and count to at least 20. Then restart this whole process with each mouth full. This is the right way and when done in this fashion you actually feel full sooner – IT WORKS!!!

Since your stomach is your largest digestive organ, you need a lot of the right digestive juices, like bile, to break down the proteins and fats you eat. Bile is the yellow-green liquid that your liver excretes, and which is then stored in your pancreas, so it’s ready anytime you need to digest foods. But without enough bile and digestive juices, you can’t process your food properly. The result is undigested, lumpy bits of food that get pushed through, instead of a smooth liquid. Digestive aids are available in the Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser which has digestive enzymes to assist in this process. Starting in the stomach and assisting all the way into the rest of the gut. It is a liquid product. Visit or call 086 010 3859 for more on this amazing product.

As we age most of the digestive processes degenerate and it is advised that if your stomach acids are reduced, to take some extra acids to assist your stomach processes. Even digestive aids might be introduced or simply have a slice or 2 of pineapple to assist in this process. Let’s face it our gut needs help. The stomach should be your first line of defence. So, go slow. Chew well and you WILL see the difference.


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