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Digestive Health

In this modern day with all its stresses & strains and  with toxic overload from every imaginable angle, keeping digestive health under control has become increasingly difficult.

Well no longer! With the Imsyser Health & Wellness Kit we believe we have come up with an amazing range designed to not only support gut but overall general health by optimising the Immune System & Gut functioning.

The first 2 products in this range are gut specialists:

  1. Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse does exactly this – a deep cleanse that manages to strip the gut lining of old encrusted mucoidal build up that has been lying there for more than likely for years ( since flushing doesn’t remove this layer when laxatives are taken). It is a gentle 7 day process taken 2 x daily with a lot of water to assist in the mobilisation of this layer and also assist in removing hardened faeces stuck in the crevices of the gut lining. Seeing is actually believing what manages to be extracted out of the gut over this period. There is no pain or irregular bowel activity just a change that is not only visible but you feel lighter and by the end of the detox your energy levels climb through the roof. Well its simple in understanding this; suddenly your cleansed gut lining can function optimally, take in all the nutrients you have exposed it with a nice healthy diet and none of the toxic lagging to slow down all these processes and reduce energy levels. The added herbs are designed to support Immune health and optimise the transmission through the gut with ease and safety as the lining is nutritionally supported by the various herbs. All ages may use this product. Consult a health advisor in case of minors for assistance in this.
  1. Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser Liquid – a 100 % natural Pre- & Probiotic in a 12 strain cocktail that is uniquely developed using the most modern international standards and techniques, very unique to SA or the pharma industry in general. Included in this liquid cocktail are digestive enzymes which assist in digestion. The pH of this liquid is protected in such a way that the good bacteria are NOT affected by the stomach and have an easy transmission through the digestive tract right from the mouth through to the last end of  the intestines. In fact some of these almost extinct good bacteria; we like to call the ‘creepy crawlies’, that are responsible for finishing off any wasted remains at the end of the digestive tract, ensuring a natural balance is restored, are included in this amazingly different cocktail. Very few of the modern day probiotics in capsule/tablet form have these unique good bacteria as they cannot be dried-freezed and therefore included in a tablet or capsule. Most of the products on the shelf in tablet/capsule form seem to go no further than 9 strains, if you are lucky. It is about the balance and interactive support of the different pre & probiotics that make this product unique and successful. This is a ‘live’ cocktail of all the good bacteria mimicking the natural gut in a self-sufficient cocktail that once opened may last for 2 months. The natural balance of these various strains assist each other and support in optimising gut health with a product that does NOT have to be refrigerated (it likes to mimic the body temperature) and there is enough for the whole family (500 ml). The bio feedback and support achieved from clients battling with various gut problems and needing improved absorption of various supplements used in the fitness and health industry has been amazing.

For more on these 2 and other products visit or call IMSYSER for assistance @ 086 010 3859.

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