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Digestive Health by the Imsyser team

Well, did you know that you have over 80 Trillion microscopic intestinal flora in your body? And you need every single one of them to maintain a healthy digestive track!

80% of your immune system cells are in the lining of your intestines! All the good reasons to make sure your gut is functioning and being maintained effectively DAILY.

If the bad bacteria from your colon take over your Immune System cannot look after itself! This means your gut needs to work 100% to fight off the intruders!

When your body is in balance, and you have the right number of good flora and your Immune System works perfectly to ward off all kinds of different toxins, bacteria and viruses!

Your gastrointestinal system is part of our amazing ‘Perfect Intellectual Design’ if we manage to look after it well enough . It breaks down your food and absorbs the nutrients. It rids your body of toxic waste. And it plays a huge role in keeping your immune system strong and healthy as the 80 trillion minute bacteria play their part in “Dissolving away” all that encrusted faecal matter so often at the route of the problem!

The army of beneficial bacteria contributes to health and well-being. We know for sure that DAILY probiotic supplementation can work wonders to support your intestinal flora and promote better digestive and immune health, as hundreds of probiotic studies have demonstrated.

  • To put an end to gas, bloating and flatulence
  • Alleviate problems with constipation and diarrhea
  • Promote regular bowel movements
  • Promote pain-free digestion and clockwork elimination
  • Enhance immunity against colds, flu and other bugs
  • Fight off yeast infections throughout the body…..

Use Imsyser’s Microbial Liquid Stabiliser, a 12 strain pre-biotic, pro-biotic & natural enzyme blend to effectively stabilise and maintain 100 % gut maintenance. A uniquely designed modern age blend to designed to support all the latest findings in probiotic health.

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