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Diet Tips From The Imsyser Team

Diet Tips From The Imsyser Team

SO FEW OF US REALISE AFTER ATTEMPTING DIET UPON DIET JUST HOW SMALL A CHANGE IS REQUIRED TO JUST KICK-START THAT WEIGHT OR HEALTH ISSUE. AND ITS ALL IN THE HEAD! YES! SOMETHING SOMEWHERE CAUSED A BLOCK, A SHIFT AND WE ARE LITERALLY ‘BUGGERED’. Robin from WOTA LIFESTYLE has found this small trick and is not just making a difference in many lives but has his own story to tell. All of 50kg’s!!! please view below:    

WOTA Lifestyle ∞ Infinity was created out of a REAL NEED.

Initially it was Robin’s need to lose some weight. He’d topped the scales at a massive 128Kg, his heaviest ever. As Robin began to lose weight his friends and colleagues began to notice. Not only was he getting ‘thinner’ but he had so much more energy, he was more alert and alive and suddenly everyone wanted a piece of what he had.

Now you can succeed in shedding your excess Kilos as hundreds of other participants have already done, using the wisdom of ‘Infinity’.

The WOTA ‘Lifestyle ∞ Infinity Phased Assistance Program’ is divided into 4 ‘Phases’, which make up a ‘Round’

Each Phase runs for just 28 Days, because we know you can do ANYTHING for just 28 Days.
This will become the key to your Success . . .  Lose 9 – 12 Kg per ‘Round’ !

We know how difficult it can be to ‘undo’ many years, and so much conditioning, to finally shed those excess Kilos 

After a few years of research and many examples of participants being assisted by the new formulations, we have released the WOTA ‘Lifestyle ∞ Infinity Phased Assistance Program’, with the full understanding that you will still need to do the work.

Contact Robin

WOTA ‘Lifestyle ∞ Infinity

082 900 1412

 Robin works in unity with Imsyser – we need a body and mind detox it that simple. Imsyser does the body and Robin does the rest. If you are battling with weight issues and just cannot find your magic trick, he is your man. For more or any other queries call Imsyser at IMSYSER HO @ 086 010 3859.

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