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Sharing a few of the amazing potentials on taking the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets (120 tablets and that is a month supply).

Sharing a few of the amazing potentials on taking the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets (120 tablets and that is a month supply).

It is part of a 3 step wellness/detox kit to assist in Immune support and assist in improving gut functioning, which is crucial to Immune health anyway. The 1st  of the other 2 products assists in removing chronic, impacted faeces and old build-up of mucoidal plaque lining the gut which not only leads to chronic constipation but also reduces the ability of the gut lining to work effectively in absorbing the daily nutrients needed for healthy living and good natural energy boosts as per our diet. The 2nd product assists in restoring the microbial balance of the gut. A unique 12 strain Pre & Probiotic with natural Digestive Enzymes to assist in the assimilation of our foods and also assist in good natural Energy release.

The 3rd product, made of  truly African whole plants and a supply of Omegas, is the one that assists in managing the Immune System once all effective gut functioning is in place. It is incredibly unique in that it STABILISES the Immune System and is not a BOOSTER as was the buzz word of the past century. The difference? It has all the natural essentials ( Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins & Omegas) needed to support and optimise Immune functioning but the uniqueness goes further. This products has the ability to do a gentle cellular detox, assisting the body in ridding itself of unwanted free radicals and toxic cellular waste which is crucial to most modern day dis-eases, AUTO IMMUNE by nature. Since the anti-oxidant is the buzz word of THIS century, this makes sense since the whole plant is being used and this very whole plant is not grown in modern day surrounds, also riddled with modern day pollutants. This just about says it all!

Antioxidants are substances designed to assist in helping remove free radicals which if not removed in turn cause oxidative stress leading to chronic inflammation which in turn leads to ‘dis-ease’. The rest of the potential pollution ( lifestyle dependent!) at cellular level seems to creep up on us even if we are trying our best to manage our health. The original soil depletion affects the plants which in turn affect us and then the animals we eat. So we not only have a lack of minerals but with genetically modified foods and added antibiotics and hormones being added to the animal feed we now have a huge potential of these harmful effects. And if left unattended at cellular level may eventually lead to Cancer. That is not even talking about the pollutants in water (and everything is made up of water) or the preservatives and preparation methods of most processed foods! We are in trouble!! Modern day lifestyle is just not helping any of the ‘Dis-ease’ or Cancer statistics at all!!

So what do we do. Supplement. But choose well. You cannot keep on boosting the body with every supplement  in its singular form as nothing in nature even exists like this!! Everything you eat out of nature is a whole cocktail of vitamins, minerals , amino acids and omegas. So too you should choose your supplement. And Imsyser has the added bonus of ensuring this gentle cellular detox which also assists in getting rid of the rest that should NOT be there. It’s that simple. It’s going back to the whole plant theory – your body recognises plants since that is what Nature gave us and in this form 100% can be absorbed and not just the statistical norm of 15 – 25 % of those manufacturing chemical alternatives. ALL of it can be recognised by the body as none is chemically added. This is that the body KNOWS and NEEDS.

Remember that your supplement will only work as well as your gut health allows; so don’t forget to do those ‘clean-ups’ first and since the depletion, as mentioned already, where we used to get all our natural probiotics from mother earth(plants) we now need to do a DAILY supplement of probiotics as well. It is what is and this is very prominent in new-borns. Depletion in mommy is depletion to baby. And we wonder why our babies suffer from colic and more!

All the Imsyser products can be used by all ages ( dosage depend) and are 100 % Natural. Try them and FEEL the difference as you natural energy levels pick up. Visit for more or call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859 to chat about the products.

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