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Diabetes and Related Issues

Chromium is well known in treating Diabetes; taken to increase insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon is another such natural common Diabetes treatment. One of the lesser known treatment aids for Diabetes is the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablets. Why? Well it is simple, Imsyser was designed for auto-immune conditions. Diabetes is an auto-immune condition having its origin in chronic inflammation actually stemming from poor lifestyle choices over an extended period of time.

The reason Imsyser actually helps for auto-immune conditions, inclusive of Diabetes , is the fact that the daily dose of tablets supplies all the essential nutrients that are needed for a fully functioning Immune System but also allows for a gentle cellular detox – removing unwanted toxic waste or build up – thereby creating a fine cellular balance which in turn allows the rest of the body to come into alignment. It is all about a fine balance which in turn allows optimal cellular functioning.

With bio-feedback from our clients, we have seen incredible results showing a reduction in Insulin intake and often even clients managing their condition without the Insulin ( obviously with controlled diet and assisted lifestyle changes ). We are NOT saying Imsyser will cure Diabetes, we are, however,  saying there is a significant improvement especially if managed by lifestyle adaptions. When these changes are implemented we suggest you consult with your health advisor first before changes are implemented of any kind.

We have also found that once the gut functioning is optimised with the 7 day Deep Intestinal Cleanse (Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse) followed through with a daily dose of probiotics, huge improvements are seen within days. Literally when the toxic overload ( toxic mucous lining the gut) so that nutritional intake can be improved, as  well as waste removed,  there is a huge shift in the health equation. Scientific studies in the past years have now proven that probiotics taken daily also have a significant health benefit for those battling with Diabetes. The nice thing about the Imsyser range is that it is a 12 Strain Probiotic (Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes included in this Liquid cocktail) in a liquid form; totally unique in its design and does not have to be stored in a fridge. This same probiotic comes in a 500 ml bottle, large enough to supply a family with all its daily needs for at least a month and safe for all ages. It is a well known fact that all people now need a daily dose of probiotics due to the nutritional depletion of plants, actually existing from the soil depletion rampant in SA.

For amazing health improvements for almost any or most health conditions having their origin in immune discrepencies, with related gut issues, visit Imsyser at . Or visit most pharmacies country-wide . Or call imsyser at 086 010 3859 for more info.            

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