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Detox Your Way To Better Health

Detox Your Way To Better Health. The Healthier, More Natural Way for Optimal Results.

Detox Your Way To Better Health. Detox has never before been so beneficial to anybody, than in the past year, since the Pandemic hit the world. It is not just dealing with modern day toxicity issues, which we simply cannot eliminate out of lives anymore. Because all the way down to the source, even water, there is underlying infiltration.

This very slow build-up of toxicity, not necessarily visible always in the youth, is that which is leading to our general state of well-being or the lack there of, leaving many compromised, and therefore these are simply  “targeted” areas in a Pandemic such as this one especially with the high death rates visible globally. The reason quite simply – COMPROMISED IMMUNITY.

Feedback from a client

I have just received this feedback from a client this morning, as we so often do. The reason I’m sharing this, is that you understand why the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse works so well. Simply one of the detox products in our amazing range of products:

“I’ve just finished my 7-day colon cleanse and amazed by the results. I feel lighter and more energetic after months of trying to detox to no avail”

This cleanse is but one the amazing cleanses we have. All focussing on different systems within the body. The end result being, to re-establish balance from within the body. A balanced, healthy, optimized body has the natural ability to ward of any invading infection. As this is exactly what the Immune System was designed to do. Most people by now know, that Gut Health is core to good Immune Health. Merely cleansing the gut with a classic diuretic-type product only serves in removing the build-up waste (poo). Not touching the impacted waste nor any of the old putrid waste. Which would include all the old mucoidal plaque lining of the gut. Especially in cases where fibre intake is minimal. Nor the possibility of various parasites and all kinds of ‘creatures’ that might be trapped within this old layer

What is the core difference that makes this detox happen?

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating all of this impacted intestinal mucous layer. As well as waste layer upon layer as it is slowly stripped out of the gut over the 7 days. There is no change in gut behaviour which back to work as per normal, and there is no discomfort. This cleanse assists in stabilizing the Immune System, detoxing the intestines and assists in balancing your metabolism. As effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assists in the dissolving of this toxic layer. Also neutralizing of toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body. As no diuretic activity results, there is no loss of your natural good bacteria (your natural Microbiome). It could further aggravate your overall gut health.

Colon cleanse  

This is a ‘7-day detox programme. (PS: but may also be used daily for continuous usage or until end results are achieved without gut changing habits).

All of this waste is literally stripped away, layer upon layer of impacted waste over 7 days. Freeing the digestive tract into doing what it is designed to do. Proper absorption and proper elimination. Improve your energy levels, which of course makes you literally feel like a new person. (i.e. the results as obtained by our client)

This is fantastic news for everyone not just those that are health-compromised. I dare you to follow through with the liver flush. Thereafter (overnight flush) real harmony between gut and liver kicks in. Even further optimizing your health. Your gut is your day body ‘brain’ and the liver the night body ‘brain’!

Liver flush

Parasite Cleanse

You can do all of the various cleanses regularly. ( I prefer to do seasonally to flush out old seasonal food build-up, making way for new season foods). With all the increased benefits received over time as you naturally achieve optimal balance and health.

We have other detox products specifically to assist in aggravated health compromised cases. The reason for outcry for Ivermectin, a vetinary parasite cleanse. Why not try a human use Parasite Cleanse already in the market place. I personally used this product for the first 3 month of the first wave of the Pandemic. Spraying the cleanse into my throat. Morning and night. Understanding the value of Wormwood as another natural plant supporting the fight against the COVID-19 virus. It is present in the Imsyser parasite cleanse. Many Cancers linked to parasites in more recent years.

Heavy metal detox

For those that know the underlying trigger to many Cancers has also been identified as lesser-known Fungi. Especially heavy metals. It’s For anyone needing to optimize their gut functioning and optimize all Immune activity. Since our microbiome literally manages our compound health throughout the body. Highly advisable the daily use of the Imsyser Probiotic.


For the underlying issue of heavy metals. We advise the long-term ( 6 months+ for this low grade type infections) use of the Chaya Capsules. Where the product does not just help for this type of detox, but also assists with fat and sugar metabolism. Also helps Diabetics and High Blood Pressure/ Heart issue clients, especially where circulation issues are a huge problem. The great news is, that the Chaya Capsules also helps with better lung health. Assist with Increasing Energy levels with high iron levels, as achieved through this miraculous plant product.

Maintaining Your Daily Cellular Detox

Cellular detox as achieved through the Imsyser Immune Support Tabs is so important when you are dealing with health. This amazing product serves you well in supplying all your essential nutritional needs. From a wholefood source, whilst doing a gentle cellular detox. Like no other product presently in the market-place.

And finally, of course not least of all we are the local distributors for….

Vulcan Silver Your Ultimate Detox on all levels.

This product is in a league of its own. 1000 times more effective and powerful that its closest competitors Colloidal Silver for your viral load issues during this Pandemic.

Simply call us to discuss your specific needs, as we have various health combos we have put together. Especially during this Pandemic. Contact us 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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