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Detox, The Gentle Way

If food (NOTE: wholefood nutrition) is and should be your medicine so should your food be your route to this best health defense in 2019.

With the Imsyser Product ranges we specialize in this very field: ensuring optimal health is attained 100% naturally by first attending to any potential toxic load (and yes it means we are under attack from our polluted food sources as well!) whilst attaining perfect balance and health from a perfectly healthy and functional gut and immune system.

In its simplest of forms Imsyser caters for these needs and by including this spreadsheet of natural healing plants/herbs we are not  only catering for your health/detox needs but also ensuring you understand that most of these are in any one of the Imsyser Health products doing exactly what they say they are capable of:

Ginger — Purifies the blood and kidneys of toxins
Turmeric — Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent and treat kidney infections and inflammation
Dandelion — A natural diuretic that helps strengthen the kidneys and soothe urinary tract problems
Nettle — Natural diuretic that helps purify blood and treat urinary infections; also high in iron, making it beneficial for building blood. Avoid if you already have high iron
Marshmallow root — Natural diuretic that helps treat urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder infections
Juniper — Improves kidney function and helps treat urinary tract infections and kidney and bladder stones. Contraindication: Avoid juniper berry if you have a kidney infection or are pregnant. Also, don’t take continuously for more than four weeks
Yarrow root — A natural diuretic with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties; helpful for urinary tract infections
Red clover — Diuretic that stimulates waste removal from the kidneys
Chanca piedra — Used in South America to break up kidney stones (its Spanish name actually means “stone breaker”)
Hydrangea root — Native American remedy for kidney stones
Uva ursi root — Helps treat urinary and bladder problems
Gravel root (Joe-Pye weed) — Indian remedy for urinary tract and kidney health
Goldenrod root — Native American remedy traditionally used to support urinary tract and kidney health

So why shop when you have it all and then we have not mentioned those ingredients in our parasite cleanse range as well as the effects of our newest Chaya Range & Green food Range that works best at all your heavy metal detoxing.

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