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Detox Tea

Join the Imsyser Team for the ultimate easy drinking, comfortable tasting DETOX TEA. Oat Straw & Stinging Nettle. Combine and add 2 Tablespoons/pot of tea per day. Add to your 2 L water with the fresh juice of a lemon and WHALA…..detox your starts.

Oat Straw may assist in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT as it assists in the full leeling and has been known to help improve energy levels and improve acidity ( quite naturally if you detox), one of the biggest root causes of disease.  Helps with recurring flu and colds ( a must for the season right now!) sleeplessness and stress. All of today’ aches and pains!!

Stinging Nettle has been known for purposeful cleansing and detoxing of the whole body but specifically the kidneys and liver.  Helps rid the body of the extra mucous from allergies, flu and colds. A great WINTER TONIC. Just what the doctor should have ordered for now. Excellent for Prostate problems and believe it or not even assists in milk production.  Essential for gout and Arthritis!!

As a tea it tastes good; maybe if need be, add a little honey and lots of lemon juice, for taste. This detox tea might help the need to grab hold of that one too many cups of coffee we all fall prone to in the winter!!! Enjoy with love from the Imsyser team.

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