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Detox Routine For Optimal Health

It is has often been stated in health journals that when all else fails and there seems no relief on Disease Symptoms, do a parasite cleanse. I believe that before you are ‘forced’ to do this, make it a part of your regular 3-4 monthly Detox Routine, starting with this type of a Cleanse, following through with a Deep Intestinal Cleanse/Detox and eventually a Liver Flush and then see the resultant miracles as you obtain Optimal Health.

Parasites affect billions of people worldwide of all races and demographic regions. It has been stated that +/- 150 million Americans alone may have these parasites within their bodies without even knowing it! Parasites live in and feed off the host, depriving them of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids; altering natural pH levels, decreasing energy levels, and creating a more acidic environment within the body. It is therefore vitally important through both dietary choices and herbal supplementation to provide your body the adequate tools to assist in combatting these harmful parasitic invaders. Most of the time most of us are utterly unaware of the toxic invasion and its resultant on-going damages!!

In addition to a loss of nourishment and cellular damage, the endo and exotoxins produced by these creatures play havoc with our Immune System and degrade Optimum Health of their host. Sickness, disease, and numerous health challenges can easily be a direct result.

Most of the animal foods we eat are infested. Our pets come in contact with many forms of parasites and worms. The vegetables we eat are laden with microbial organisms. Items you handle  transmit both microbial and microbial parasites and eggs. Sanitation facilities are less advanced in most African countries and unfortunately the medical profession generally chooses to simply ignore this topic as ‘something not to be discussed’!

Don’t be fooled! This subject needs to be addressed rather regularly to see optimal changes in overall health. You cannot afford to lose out on good nutrition in this modern day state of impoverished plants & foods because our soils are equally impoverished. It is all about Nutrition!!!

Don’t let your parasite strip your body of these extremely important nutrients. Visit the Imsyser website at for more on this amazing product and others products designed to support Gut Health – a 7 Day Deep Intestinal Cleanse followed by Daily Supplementation of Good Bacteria (Imsyser 12 Strain Liquid Microbial Stabiliser)  for Optimal Gut Health and Immune Functioning.

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