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Detox: Let’s Get Back To Basics

Time to Detox We have had 6 weeks of home-bound, wrong eating, no exercise and an unusual amount of stress in various forms. Right now, the sane thing is to be gentle and kind to your body. So, when we mention ‘detox’ don’t think of the worst. Simply embrace natural approaches that are not only…


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Time to Detox

We have had 6 weeks of home-bound, wrong eating, no exercise and an unusual amount of stress in various forms. Right now, the sane thing is to be gentle and kind to your body. So, when we mention ‘detox’ don’t think of the worst. Simply embrace natural approaches that are not only affordable to do. But also don’t tax your daily routine as we all try and find ourselves back into the economy.


For purposes of cellular detoxification and tissue purification, the most effective form of magnesium is magnesium chloride. This type of magnesium has a strong excretory effect on toxins. Albeit stagnant energies stuck in the tissues of the body, drawing them out through the pores of the skin. Chloride is required to produce a large quantity of gastric acid each day. Moreover is also needed to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes

I like to take my magnesium at night when my liver kicks in any way. And is busy flushing all the baddies out of the system anyway! PSSTTTT!!!! And it helps you sleep like a baby!! That’s detox.

Many of us know magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts. As has been noted there are two issues unless if you are using it as part of your overnight liver flush, it is excreted through the kidneys very quickly and therefore difficult to assimilate and worse is the effect on the gut causing diarrhoea for most as a rule. Magnesium chloride is easily assimilated and metabolized in the human body and when correct dosages are maintained no diarrhoea needs to be experienced.

Detox: Digestive enzymes

The added benefits of magnesium chloride is the fact that chloride combines with hydrogen in the stomach to make hydrochloric acid, a powerful digestive enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of proteins, absorption of other metallic minerals, and activation of intrinsic factor, which in turn absorbs vitamin B12. Many know both forms of Magnesium (oxide or carbonate) so the added benefits especially for aging individuals, especially with chronic diseases who desperately need more magnesium, and do not  produce sufficient hydrochloric acid, this is a no brainer!

Chloride is also a highly important and vital mineral required for human life – it maintain fluids in blood vessels, conduct nerve transmissions, moves muscles, and helps maintain proper kidney function. As a major electrolyte mineral of the body, chloride performs many roles, and is rapidly excreted from the body:

Salt Crystals

Imsyser Dead Sea Magnesium Salt Crystals contain: Magnesium + 21 Minerals (Calcium; Sulphur; Bromide; Iodine; Sodium; Zinc; Potassium). Dead sea Mineral supplies. These essential Minerals naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished, as they are lost throughout the day. These Minerals are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse our body. This helps with detox.

We have not only observed the obvious benefits in our internal use Imsyser Magnesium Crystals but also the tremendous value-add in our external use sprays – nasal; arthro for joints; sport for muscular and chest. The chest and nasal spray is especially popular now during Covid 19 season and the up and coming winter season – keeps the chest and airways open and clear and together with the nasal spray opens and clears all potential infections – those that keep us frantic to stay clear of any flu and or Covid infections:

Chest Spray

This PHYTO-THERAPEUTIC MEDICINAL BOTANICALS CHEST SPRAY® contain natural plant chemicals, and muscle relaxing magnesium chloride from the dead sea: Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Anti-spasmodic; Analgesic.

MEDICINAL BOTANICALS 100% NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS used to treat flu & colds, and chest-related issues.

Nasal Spray

WondersilV Natural Nasal Spray is an effective natural treatment for upper respiratory infections. It helps with the elimination of all viral, bacterial and fungal infections in the nasal cavities, and was formulated to effectively treat sinusitis naturally. It’s a non-addictive nasal spray. The spray will not do any damage to your nasal passages.

With WondersilV Natural Sinus Spray we help those battling from blocked noses due to rhinitis or sinusitis to enable you to breathe easier. We understand those suffering from a blocked nose. A stuffy nose can also hinder your sports and leisure-time activities, sleep patterns and generally keep you feeling miserable.

Don’t be Confused! Chloride vs. Chlorine

The mineral supplement chloride is very different from the gas chlorine. Elemental chlorine is a dangerous gas that does not exist in the free elemental state in nature because of its reactivity, although it is widely distributed in combination with other elements. Chloride is related to chlorine however, as one of the most common chlorine compounds is common salt, NaCl. Chloride is a by-product of the reaction between chlorine and an electrolyte, such as potassium, magnesium, or sodium, which are essential for human metabolism. These salts are essential for sustaining human metabolism and have none of the effects of isolated chlorine gas.

Well now all of those understandings are put to bed the only other question as always is – how does it taste? There is a simple way to camouflage the flavour which is not bad bay the way – I add lots of lemon juice to my glass at night and then the taste is surprisingly pleasant.

Now that no more obstacles remain; and joint pains are relieved, all that remains is to click here:

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