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Detox Before Winter

Detox before Winter and assisting in preparing the body for the change of season….

We need extra detox support to survive this modern-day chemical onslaught of various toxins from every imaginary direction: the water we drink (inclusive of the water forming the bulk of everything we eat  & including the water making up the bulk of our body organs); foods & preservatives; the air we breathe; the products we use on our skin and so many more facets of toxic onslaught I even care to mention…

But there’s still more … is the slow onslaught that leads to allergies, autoimmune disorders, neurological diseases, dementia, diabetes and of course the biggie CANCER, if we do not break up and release the body of this toxic waste at cellular level.

Added bonuses after a healthy detox revival routine include not only assisting in disease prevention but also the added benefits of energy boosting, boosting of Immunity, reduced chronic inflammation and much much more. When completed, a gentle detox program can also improve digestive health, metabolism, energy and immunity in preparation for the cold winter months and of course, cold and flu season. So how do we do this:

  1. New season: new diet! Remember its all about lifestyle!!!

Go green with the most natural foods. Organic and rich in colours.  Foods such as raspberries, blueberries, beets, dark leafy greens, and carrots are all rich in antioxidants, high in vitamins, minerals and fibre, which is essential for healthy digestion and elimination. Also stock up on cruciferous vegetables: kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc. They do not only detoxify but also assist in fibre optimisation and assisting in bulking the meal thereby assisting in the feeling of being “full”.

Watch out for too much fruit but apples are high in fibre and flavonoids, which support liver function, Immunity and Inflammatory responses. Apples also provide pectin, which is excellent for digestion. Artichokes & Asparagus help us detoxify by boosting liver, gallbladder and kidney function. Beets are rich in fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Like artichokes, they are great for the liver. Beets also help the body produce glutathione, a powerful detoxifier. Flax seeds are high in fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, which support heart health, as well as detoxification. Garlic contains allicin, a compound that helps the body eliminate toxins and also has anti-bacterial properties. The spice turmeric supports digestion and has been traditionally used to treat liver ailments. Sea vegetables are well known for their ability to remove heavy metals and radioactive isotopes. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Most importantly take fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchee, kefir and others, which boost Immunity and aid detoxification. These are full of healthy probiotic bacteria, which again are essential for gastrointestinal health, as well as Immunity, detoxification and more. If in doubt add a daily dose of natural probiotics such as the IMSYSER Microbial Liquid stabiliser designed to assist in optimal gut support.

  1. Hydrate ALWAYS!!!

Drink at least 2 -3 L of good healthy water and add the dash of lemon( I actually like to use up to half a lemon on 500ml water to assist in flushing out the toxins. Why not try a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water first thing in the morning and see & feel the results almost immediately. We are 70 – 90 % water in our make-up and we DO need to hydrate as well use a system to rid the body of the waste that has just been released from the toxic removal process you’re putting in place.

  1. Use 100 % Natural Detox supplements & Aids

One of the best detox supplements is modified citrus pectin which has a strong affinity for a number of toxins, particularly heavy metals. Another favourite is the IMSYSER IMMUNE SYSTEM STABILISER which has the natural ability to do a gentle cellular.  Also derived from brown kelp, alginates are good at removing radioactive isotopes, and were given to victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Alginates also do an excellent job of removing heavy metals, and remain in the digestive tract to grab toxins and prevent them from being reabsorbed into the circulation – a common problem with other detoxification methods.

Use a daily supplement like the IMSYSER Immune System Stabiliser to assist in not only supplying all the essential needs such as vitamins, minerals, Omegas and Amino Acids but also has the ability to do a gentle cellular detox.

Another aid might be in the form of a good 7 day detox to kick start the whole process, the IMSYSER 7 day Deep Intestinal Cleanse was designed to support gut cleansing. Once a clean gut lining is established, easy nutritional access in and through this lining is established as well as the assistance of waste out of the body through this lining.

Most people shy away from detoxification because they feel it’s going to be difficult. They may think they have to starve themselves or make elaborate recipes, or eat only one type of food for weeks at a time. But the beauty of a comprehensive detox is that you don’t have to do any of those to succeed. In fact, with just a few moderate lifestyle changes – more fruits and vegetables, increased hydration, exercise and targeted supplements – it’s not only easy to detoxify the body and improve overall health, but it can be a celebration of greater energy, vitality and overall health.

Give the new season a fresh start with a good gentle detox naturally. The Imsyser products were designed to support this type of lifestyle changes. Visit www.imsyser for more on these amazing products or call IMSYSER at 086 010 3859 .

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