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Desperation Often Leads to Going Back to Basics

Gut Issues

Almost 70% of visit to most health practitioners have originated from gut health issues and or
complaints relating to gut health. And if any doctor is honest if they are not attending to the root
cause of most disease you will keep you seeking medical help and just not finding the answers you
need. this from basic lack of energy, to more serious issues like Depression or even worse Cancer. Where, in reality they all relate to a level of balance that has been disrupted stemming from gut
issues and or inflammatory issues resultant of chronically compromised Immunity & serious acidity
issues which just lead to same.  

The Importance of Gut health

Although naturopathic medicine and traditional healing is well-known as regards the importance of gut health, the concept is, unfortunately, still relatively unknown to mainstream medicine and many doctors simply do not understand or want to understand this vital truth. However, surgeries are running empty and soon, hopefully, this truth will be exposed at least to the newer generation doctors
for future health treatments.
What everyday issues are we commonly battling with?
Bloating & Gas
Chronic Pain
Chronic Constipation
Chronic Diarrhea  

When we mention chronic we have well passed any healthy norm. just living with pain and
inconvenience is NOT your norm but your warning signed well overdue! And the list is not just
reduced to the one supplied it is all the affiliated conditions or as mentioned the worst also
However, the positive advice we at Imsyser health always give is the game is not over yet – ever – you have been warned – lifestyle changes are needed – and most disease can be reversed.  

We have the potential to get our lives back and be free of these embarrassing, inconvenient symptoms – not to mention the frightening long term consequences of an imbalance left uncorrected, like autoimmune disease, obesity, cancer and premature aging…untreated digestive disorders can lead to more pain, compromised immunity and deadly serious chronic conditions.

We all have the power to take back our health, to take back our lives! Radiant, vibrant health is our
birth right! And it is your continuing living legacy especially for our youth.

The Imsyser Solution  

At Imsyser we care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. Our products are 100% natural. Our products are safe to use for all ages. What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defense system, your Immunity, through effective gut health. For this purpose, we have 2 unique products that not only assist in deep intestinal cleansing but also in optimizing gut health through probiotic support. Once gut health is established, Immunity is established, and with the introduction of the Immune support tablet, nutritional demands are met through wholefood ‘essential’
nutrition. Not only does this product offer 100% natural Immune support nutritionally, but it also
optimises Immune activity by ensuring a gentle daily cellular detox, which produces optimal energy output at cellular level.

This combined effect of Gut and Immune support ensures optimal health is not only attained but also maintained daily, 100% naturally. The Imsyser Gut health Product range is available countrywide in most leading pharmacies or might be ordered directly Tel +27 (0) 83 261 1347    

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