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Depression in Modern-day Crisis Management


Winter time classically affects some people emotionally. For some it may even lead to borderline depression or sores. And of course a lot of this has to do with reduced natural Vit D levels – sunlight. But as a rule nutritional discrepancies wit underlying gut issues are mostly to blame.

One of the saddest statistics is the over prescription of anti-depressants not only to adults but across the board to very young children. This is atrocious news; but, the rude reality of the status quo in many homes. Life on the run. No time to do decent family bonding. Tight finances. And pressure at home, at work and at school.

At Imsyser would like to say it’s all about good nutrition, which, in reality it really is but with modern day toxic overload and poor quality food stemming from soil depletion, we are in trouble in so many capacities!! So how do we rescue this situation??

Imsyser as always to the rescue!!

There is no denying we need a gentle assisting daily with a cellular detox just to optimise our Immunity to cope with this ‘toxic’ crisis we find ourselves in. Remember we are optimising our nutritional input at the same time as the Imsyser Tablets have all the ‘essentials’ we need to fully equip our bodies to do what it needs to do for us, feed us, energize and support our emotions, optimally .

Then, too, there are more than enough of the good amino acids (all the essential amino acids are available in this product) to optimise ENERGY levels. This is a big PLUS!! And a good source of Tryptophan to optimise this very predicament we are talking about – our natural built in mood lifting abilities. This is where Imsyser is tops. Imsyser may also assist in sleeping better as long as the tablets are taken before 3pm (the natural energy levels from the good nutrition must be optimised before 3pm in the afternoon for best results). You feel good nutritionally, which in turn allows you to also feel good!

Then of course the use of daily probiotics is optimal not only for good gut functioning but crucially important for good ‘mood’ functioning. Science has proven its all about the gut and since the gut and brain literally talk to each other DIRECTLY. Which better way to solve this issue. Once again Imsyser to the rescue!!

Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic

Imsyser has a 12 strain Pre- and Pro-biotic product, available on the shelves country wide that beats all other probiotics hands down. New in its bio-technology, and functionally from bio-feedback producing almost instant results with the likes of IBS and other gut issues. You need for no more.

But there is more – this 500ml container can supply the needs for the whole family for at least a month and needs no refrigeration as with other live cultures. Will not be affected by stomach acids AND more importantly, assist in this very LIFESTYLE management as opposed to a mere classic 4-day treatment, as is presented in most tablet alternatives!!

Emotional Health Tips:

  1. Start a routine: When you’re depressed one day melts into the next and you never feel like you’re on top of things. The key to feeling in control is structure. Sit down with a piece of paper and work out how long you realistically need for all the tasks that you plan to do that day and stick to your routine. If someone tries to derail you, ask them if you can set up a meeting the next day or if they can send you an email that you can address on another day when you have scheduled it in.
  2. Set realistic goals: Are you running around trying to do many things and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere? Once you have a routine, set yourself reasonable goals. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Once you start achieving things, you’ll feel more in control
  3. Exercise DAILY even if it’s just walking preferably in nature: Studies show that regular exercise helps regulate depression. It rewires the brain to think more positively.
  4. As mentioned eat healthy and Supplement: Watching what you eat will help you feel in control too. Whether you’re overeating or eating the wrong foods, getting back on track will give you a sense of achievement. And, as with anything, eating right will make you feel better. Be sure to include Omega 3 and folic acid in your diet, or by taking supplements.
  5. Sleep enough: Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Don’t look at any form of screens at least an hour before you go to bed and develop a bedtime routine that helps you relax. You could take a relaxing hot bath, drink a cup of hot chocolate or cold milk in summer, read a good book and meditate or pray. These ‘warm-downs’ have been found to de-stress and prepare the body and mind for a relaxing night’s sleep.
  6. Get a little sunlight EVERY day
  7. Drink enough good water EVERY day
  8. Practice good thoughts, forgiveness and unconditional Love – they go a far way to optimise your mood – simply because hat you give shall be returned to you tenfold!!!

So go well and Be Blessed. Love from the Imsyser team.

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