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Deep Intestinal Cleansing

How Regular Deep Intestinal Cleansing Ensures Good Heart Health Year In and Year Out

Studies prove that the long retention of faeces may be a source of heart disorders, as the removal of fiber from the diet raises serum cholesterol levels and predisposes the body to coronary disease. Not only is the lack of fiber the culprit but the lack of enough good water taken daily! Both work together to ensure bulking movement happens and good hydration also ensure good circulatory movement, crucial for keeping blood pressure under control as well.  

Fibre is Crucial!

The removal of fibre from the diet is not only responsible for all good health but also responsible for tumours and cancer due to biochemical changes associated with poor bowel elimination. Constipation is often referred to “modern plague”.  It is the greatest present-day danger to ALL health. Intestinal toxaemia and the resulting autointoxication is a direct result of intestinal constipation. So in reality good fibre is excellent for heart health for all the reasons mentioned and if your diet is not the source you had better be considering either doing a regular 7 day deep intestinal cleanse and or a daily bulk up as also provided with the Imsyser Deep Intestinal cleanse. Safe to use daily as well without making your gut lazy as does many of the modern-day fibre products:

Constipation and Disease

Constipation contributes toward the lowering of body resistance, as your gut is compromised thus compromising your Immunity and in so doing predisposing you to many

acute illnesses and the creation of a great many degenerative and chronic processes. The lack of the colon to attend to its normal, regular and efficient functioning is almost directly related to almost every human ailment.

What results with poor intestinal function?

Intestinal constipation causes cellular constipation. It also increases the workload of the

other excretory organs—kidney, skin, liver, lungs and lymph. The functioning of these organs becomes depleted and overworked. The cellular metabolism becomes sluggish, repair and growth are delayed and the ability to eliminate waste materials is lowered. The cells, instead of being alive and active, become dead and inactive. This process results in a decline in tissue and organ functional ability.

The primary causes of constipation:

  • Bad nutrition/highly processed diet/not enough fibre and or water
  • Ignoring the call to eliminate
  • Lack of exercise
  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Emotional unforgiveness/holding on

The Importance of Exercise

The lack of physical exercise makes weak and flaccid muscle tone incapable of holding up under the demands of poor diets and extra eliminative duty. Emotional and mental strain and tension produce unfavorable conditions in the digestive and eliminative organs, causing them to become tense and underactive. These also cause chemical imbalances and abnormal secretions to occur, generally upsetting the whole organism. Toxicity, Medications and more…

Extrinsic poisons, such as tobacco, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and sugar, have unfavorable effects upon digestion and elimination by upsetting gastric secretions and nerve responses.

Medications have a very upsetting effect upon these life-giving functions. They cause many, afflictions in the bowel. Antibiotics, such as penicillin and sulfa, can completely eliminate the favorable intestinal flora, leaving the opportunity for re-infestation by harmful bacteria and virus.

Laxatives are irritating to the bowel and are dangerous if used frequently. Parasites themselves remain harmful when there is no balance but more specifically the micro-toxic release these small organisms also leave behind.

Oftentimes, these harsh poisonous substances are absorbed through the lymph and blood vessels and find their way to all parts of the body. This situation contributes to addiction and overuse of these substances.

Laxatives are not the Solution!

Dependency upon laxative compounds will in time, permanently destroy the normal ability of the bowel to eliminate naturally on its own accord. Laxatives tire out the bowel muscle by keeping it constantly working. In fact they rid the body of most of the good bacteria which could take weeks to repopulate as is the case with Hydro flushing therapy – this could take up to 2 years to repopulate!!

Lack of Hydration

Most people do not drink enough water; they are chronically dehydrated. This causes all body tissues and fluids to become thicker and more viscid. The mucous lining in the colon changes in consistency, failing to provide a slick lubrication for the movement of faeces. Poor living habits contribute a great deal to poor bowel function. Not following a good program denies the body regularity and consistency. It never knows what’s coming next and can’t depend upon a regular routine. It is always on the defensive. This situation results in a depletion of vital nerve force and undermines the body’s ability to set periods of rest and activity.

All maladies are due to the tack of certain food principles, such as mineral salts or vitamins, or to the absence of the normal defenses of the body. such as the natural protective flora. When this occurs, toxic bacteria invade the lower alimentary canal, and the poisons thus generated pollute the bloodstream and gradually deteriorate and destroy every tissue, gland and organ of the body.


I am convinced that the bowel holds onto waste materials longer than anyone realizes. When we clean out the bowel and release all this old, rotting material, there will be a lessening of the gas, pain and auto-intoxication taking place. I believe that this toxic material decaying away in the sigmoid colon is a good place for degenerative diseases to get started.

Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse

By way of the mucus membrane, the colon is used as an eliminative channel. When the membrane does not function properly, these drug deposits accumulate in the bowel indefinitely and can produce a time-bomb effect; irritations, inflammations and ulcerations.

The Value of a Good Probiotic

Your gut has more than 1000 species of bacteria and the chances are you are not nearly ever going to source a product supplying your every need. However, if your probiotic is not evolving as do the discovery of new species and how they work or even interact in the gut, you had better start paying attention! And, of course, we have not even touched sides with the fact that each and every one of us has our own unique microbiome….

The Value of Good Bacteria

It is a fact that the role and importance of bacteria in human health has been grossly under-estimated and generally misunderstood by members of the public, as well as many in the medical fraternity. It is crucial to understand this unique probiotic production to provide this vital understanding of bacteria in its relationship to the human body, and how the handling of bacteria alone opens the door to a new era and understanding in human health.

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