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Dealing with Parasites

What to do with Parasites

The symptoms of parasites vary widely, and as they often overlap with symptoms of Lyme and other chronic illnesses, but mostly the problem is simply a problem most including doctors are not even aware of or ignored.

The problem often ignored by most is the fact that these creatures are nutrition ‘stealers’ and end up feeding on that intended for the human host. Not only is this a problem but also the long term infestation as the toxic micro-waste ( the parasites) is released into the blood stream. This slow penetration of toxic overload over and above the everyday exposure we deal with might often just be the cherry on the top triggering many diseases including your cancers.

It is a proven fact that parasites are linked to cancer and cancerous growths.

The Symptoms:

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of parasites is difficulty sleeping. This may mean difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, restless sleep, grinding of teeth at night, Restless Leg Syndrome, or any combination of these, as well as being hungry at night. You may also wake up feeling exhausted even after a long sleep. Parasites are most active at night.

Other symptoms include:

  • Brain fog; forgetfulness
  • Skin problems; itching; hives; eczema; rashes
  • Intense food cravings; frequent, insatiable hunger; changes in appetite
  • Decreased immune system function; susceptibility to illness
  • Anxiety; depression; irritability
  • Joint pain; muscle pain
  • Anaemia; B6 deficiency; zinc deficiency
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Bloating; constipation; diarrhoea; abdominal pain or cramps; SIBO
  • Heart pain; chest pain; difficulty breathing
  • Numbness; tingling
  • Trouble with sight; spots in front of eyes

The problem that we have is ‘lack of knowledge’ in this regard from the doctor through to the patient. As a rule, a doctor who is aware of the problem will start here – parasite detox – but in most cases nothing is done or a mere deworming which in no way has the ability to destroy these baddies, except the various worms.

The other problem is that the parasites are not always even visible in the stool – or yet by the time the doctor is testing for this problem.

The biggest problem is then however to find an effective parasite cleanse to do the job of completely ridding the body of these baddies…

Imsyser Parasite cleanse to the rescue

Tasteless! Effective! Natural!

7-10 days will effectively remove all parasites and the results will speak for them selves as the parasites are viewed in the stools!

Removing parasites from the body is a crucial step in healing. As a rule, I like to follow through with complete intestinal cleansing, a liver & gallbladder flush as well as optimising of gut and other microme to effectively guard against any imbalances.

For this effective complete cleansing, preferably seasonally, Imsyser has a complete range to assist you in the cleansing process of preventing most diseases including cancers as you fully optimise your Immunity and therefore your overall health, 100% naturally. For more call Imsyser 086 010 3859 or simply 

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