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Dealing With Depression in Broken Times

Dealing With Depression in Broken Times is your No 1 health concern Dealing with depression in broken times. This silent “killer” has more than likely stepped up to the no 1 health concern since Covid struck, now almost 18 months ago, across the globe. And, as much as I cannot negate the surrounding issues adding…


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Dealing With Depression in Broken Times is your No 1 health concern

Dealing with depression in broken times. This silent “killer” has more than likely stepped up to the no 1 health concern since Covid struck, now almost 18 months ago, across the globe. And, as much as I cannot negate the surrounding issues adding to the daily misery in many cases, there are some healthy lifestyle changes that may help fight depression.

Depression is a severe and life-altering problem, affecting the quality of life and happiness of those who live in it, globally and although it is a relatively common condition, various triggers in these modern-day times are now putting even the youngest at risk. And having said this, the advice should apply to all ages, as they are a natural approach to simply help ease the “pain”.  

Exercise Regularly

Even a 15-minute walk is beneficial to your health improving your circulation and therefore the blood brain flow. The body releases endorphins, our happy hormones, when you exercise and a natural flush of those in a healthy sunlight environment in Nature, has always proven its truest value to me, no matter what. Good for the body and the brain, regular exercise for all ages, is a struggle to start but, when self-enforced, well worth it!

Building Healthy Relationships

Isolation is one of the signs of depressions. During Covid it was a sure clincher, but even in these times, the WHO knew not to test boundaries for too long, to allow exercise needs to be met with some minimal type bonding.  Having adequate family and social support can protect you from depression, and one of the worst tests of time was closing of churches and other meeting places during this time. As compromised as it has been,  simply being around people does help support you – it is the most natural source of energy other than the sun’s energy (vit D) to man – human energy is tangible, and this energy is uplifting.

Toxic negative relationships should be ended. Life is quite simply too short for this!! So too, negative influences like bad “daily news TV channels, telephone calls or simply poor choices in watching TV programmes – simply avoid all stress inducing influences. Passive negative input should not be missed as integral to the healing journey.

Keep Life Simple

Simple is less stressful and when daily choices and habits are kept simple; they are less known to negatively influence your mental health. Make healthy choices that shape your body and mind positively—those who aim to make the best possible choice face higher rates of depression. Read and follow healthier influences if you need positive input into your life. Perfection is enemy no 1!! We are not perfect; and therefore not every choice is going to be right. Tomorrow is another day and more importantly, self-forgiveness a true release when practiced with every thought and decision made. Don’t overcommit; not even too yourself for even time is the best healer!  

Sleep! Your no 1 Healer!!

Healthy sleep. Preferable without the use of sleeping pills; quite simply, the long-term damage adds to the compromising of health, increasing cellular toxicity. Early to bed, early to rise. Find your “go to” sleep inducer, be it prayer, meditation, reading or whatever health route works – there is no “one fit all recipe”!! Don’t over “lie in” in the morning – get out of bed with intention – to make that day count. Make your bed. Find every reason to make the next day count! Exercise induces good sleep. Eating healthily induces better sleep and mental health. Improper sleep results in sleep disorders, depression, tiredness aggravating an existing issue if there is one. Get help from healthier alternatives and there are so many to ease into better habits like camomile and lavender to mention but few. Even probiotics improve sleep and are excellent for brain health: 

Superfoods; food heals the brain

Food and depression go hand in hand. Proper nutrition impacts the body’s functioning, keeping your organ perfectly healthy. Certain foods like junk food, sugary foods, processed foods, etc., are responsible for bringing down a happy mood due to excess consumption. More, the high followed by the slump puts you at risk. Avoid foods toxic to your body and include healthy foods that tackle depression. Oily Omega 3 rich foods are best plus super greens. Once again in this recipe lies improved circulation to the brain and potential healing with time. Extra circulatory help might be found here: http://bit.ly/3k3A9nS

Supplement where our food lacks the good nutrition with the best natural wholefood supplement: http://bit.ly/31DCCQ2

Healthier eating

Helps weight loss, and for many especially after lockdown, quite simply this was the true root to their depression. The trigger as such! Get if off with good food, some exercise and see the negative energy lift off you quite naturally.  Once again, a daily probiotic will help weight management and is key to healthy microbiome in the body, as controlled from within the gut, managing all your health as well as your brain health  along the Vagus nerve. Good flow from the gut cannot be managed any other way: http://bit.ly/3g5cth5

No drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol will make you depressed. Drugs can bring hallucinations, paranoia affecting mental health. Excess alcohol consumption leads to anxiety, which soon turns into depression. Drugs are all forms of chemicals as processed by man.

And finally hydrate

A healthy, hydrated brain is a healthier brain. A healthier brain induces healthier “output” in thoughts and actions; and this applies for all ages. At Imsyser we care for your health with seeking the more natural approach to simply help your own body heal itself as naturally as possible. It is that simple!!

For more information contact us 086 010 3859 or simply click here: https://www.imsyser.co.za

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