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Dealing With Constipation during Pregnancy..

Dealing With Constipation during Pregnancy…Basic Tips during pregnancy

Dealing With Constipation during Pregnancy. Constipation affects almost half of the woman during pregnancy and I know from experience, be it too many years ago, it is simply the worst nightmare at the bets f times. But it can be prevented, quite naturally by following ways and of course we, the Imsyser Team are here to help.

Let’s start with the basics: Your diet.

Reduce the intake of chemical iron supplements that lead to constipation.

Take lots of fluids, especially healthy good water.

Exercise regularly; movement is crucial for the gut.

Include foods such as watermelon , dry fruits , yogurt , psyllium husk , flaxseeds , guava etc .

Always consume a high fibre diet

Always consume a daily Probiotic:

And, of course, if your fibre content is minimal you can use the Imsyser cleanse as a fibre up in 1/2 dosages once daily too help regulate movement and keep the gut healthy:

Ensuring a healthy gut is not crucial to alleviate the obvious such as constipation but more importantly to avoid pregnancy piles which are really uncomfortable and of course especially where there is natural birth, we want a nice healthy microbiome to exist to forward to our new-born. Gut health = healthy microbiome = healthy new-born and for their best this is your best. Simply add to a little water or juice or take as is:

We care so we share in these more compromised times where stress has a nasty habit of changing our bowel movements. So simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:

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