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Dealing with Classic Throat Health Issues

Dealing with Classic Throat Health Issues. Natural alternative to treatments

Dealing with Classic Throat Health Issues. At Imsyser it has always been the case where we zoom in on the natural alternative to chemical treatments especially when metabolic syndromes are the very conditions leading too the higher death rates with the newer Pandemic especially the variant type. If you are struggling with dry cough and itchy Throat and just not sure we have taken a few natural ingredients to help with easing symptoms and preferable avoiding any further problems?

This and of course starting the day with the Imsyser 12 strain probiotic to line the throat with all the healthy microbiome is crucial. GARGLE then swallow and instantly feel the difference:

Homemade dry cough recipe

A Tablespoon of Turmeric

One Teaspoon of Cayenne or black pepper

Whole Lemon

Two Tablespoons of honey

Teaspoon of ginger powder

Mix these items in a 1/4 cup of drinking water.  Take as gargle, but also sip a table spoon every 30 minutes. So, this I would do during the day after

the probiotic early morning gargle and the late evening gargle.  

More tips from the Imsyser team

Often a drippy scratchy throat is also an indication of an initial auto-immune response – postnasal drip – as triggered by the immune response in which case Imsyser has the most incredible activated Silver/Magnesium nasal spray too help keep that under control:

and, of course, dealing with the real underlying issues.

Keeping the body clean has never been this important and if your wholefood supplement is helping a gentle detox at cellular level, you have the main elemental trigger under control; its that simple!! We care so we share. For any more health tips simply call us 086 010 3859 or click here for more on our other amazing natural health products:

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