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Dealing with Chronic Digestive issues.

Being Happy starts with being Healthy

When we are healthy and happy, when our energy is flowing freely in a state of internal balance, integration, and harmony within the body and within the Universe this is when all health prevails including gut health. Disease and dysfunction show up when the energy of any system is out-of-balance. This appears as stagnation, blockage, or in some other significant way a body system is out of whack with the rest and dis-ease manifests.

Whether the condition is a dis-ease in your body, such as cancer, Parkinson’s, or an auto-immune condition, or exists on a larger scale, like a societal problem, the healing process is the same; treating “the whole”…..

The chances are you have been dealing with Chronic digestive issues especially this year with the exponential increase in stress an compromised foods and access too good health during these extended lockdown periods is limited. There are many tell-tale symptoms that we are compromised and the overweight or low on energy is merely an indicator long after many other symptoms might be showing such as  bloadtedness, changed stools or even gassiness or loss of good circulation – and as much as they seem unimportant in the greater scheme of things but it all adds up when gut health is core and more importantly, right now with Covid, so is circulation right now.

When it comes too circulation, any disharmony in your body that’s obstructing your energy flow and as much as it comes out of your gut, so too, the reverse applies, thereby affecting your digestive system, shutting down healthy symptoms and triggering bowel problems. Add to the equation rushed eating, late meals, large portion sizes, not enough sleep, too much artificial stimulation and stress… all of these factors can burn out your digestive system. Some medications, like antibiotics, also burn out your digestion by killing off friendly good bacteria as well as eating foods high in sugar and white flour, giving bad bacteria added fuel so they can thrive in your gut, making your digestion even worse. It is always about the balance between these good and bad bacteria that at the end of the day determines our health. Add cold water and or drinks in the summer and you compromise your gut; so too, excessive heated drinks in the winter. Microwave anything and you are in trouble and so the list goes on….  

And, of course, the chain reaction of unfortunate events in your digestive system results in dys-function directly in the rest of the body. But so too, without enough stomach acid and enzymes, your food isn’t broken down well, serving your gut at any point in time with your best DAILY probiotic that includes, as with the Imsyser brand, digestive enzymes, remains a no-brainer! Once you don’t absorb all of the nutrients potentially available from food source, energy depletion is a natural given. And most importantly, when this help comes to your best probiotic – if it is refrigerated, think twice, for all these reasons and more. Dormant good bacteria have no indicators as too when they become “alive” and at which stage of the process so, so, how can effective counts be done for any one person at any one time going forward remains the big question when compared to most other probiotics:

And of course if your organs don’t get the nutrients and energy they need, organ compromising is a natural result – stomach, intestines, liver, and kidneys become fatigued and can’t do their jobs – the body works as a system with all organs totally reliant on each other in the bigger equation which is why detoxing at every organ level quite regularly supporting healthy balance and functioning remains necessary – total balance with one of the organs out of whack, is not total balance, and it will reflect through your health in the end. Food is no longer broken down in your stomach and small intestine. Instead, it just sits in your gut and rots, turning into a toxic, festering mess. And of course if you don’t remove this festering mess – often impacted very many years – the result could be catastrophic. And because you’re not properly processing the foods and fluids you take in, you suffer from constipation or chronic diarrhoea:  

Reiterating Normal Processes

The moment food enters your mouth, the enzymes in your saliva go to work. These enzymes immediately begin breaking down any sugars and starches into glucose. This glucose goes directly into your bloodstream, so your body can use it to produce energy. Other enzymes spring into action as soon as any protein you eat hits your stomach. As the food moves through your stomach into your small intestine, these enzymes convert protein molecules into amino acids, which are then used by your body to build and repair tissue. Any fat you’ve consumed is broken down into fatty acids and cholesterol using bile acid from your liver. And your intestinal walls easily push out impacted waste and eliminate it. The healthy balanced result: NO heartburn, NO indigestion, NO gas, NO acid reflux, and NO constipation or diarrhoea.  If not???

Don’t mess with your meals!!

Watch out for the caffeinated drinks messing with your meals and or your body. And we are not even discussing sugar in this regard!! Coffee your energy responses when good coffee is taken in a healthy balanced body, because good coffee is good for you;  but not so when taken with your meals.  

Caffeine has been around since ancient times, through a variety of plant sources, but there’s a bigger story to how it’s used now. The addiction that we have with caffeine is not just ceremonial anymore, like it was for hundreds of years, all around the world. Nowadays, we use it as a crutch to get by, because people don’t feel well, and are struggling from focus and concentration issues, brain fog, fatigue, energy issues, forgetfulness, grogginess, and physical discomfort. We use it now to mask our everyday symptoms. Sure, people who feel good still consume caffeine, but more people who don’t feel good, are consuming it to survive and get through their day. Caffeine can mask health symptoms until they potentially get worse. Women are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss at a younger age.  Caffeine can affect the body and lead to nutrient deficiencies, weight gain, loss of libido, and so much more. Caffeine may accelerate aging. Caffeine consumption can even affect spiritual experiences.

Caffeine affects the liver shocking it, affecting the processes reducing nutrient uptake and reducing the livers on Immunity. Especially when taken during a meal. Liver burnout produces adrenal burnout reducing the ability to manage stress affecting especially thyroid functions in woman and is related male libido issues. We mention the liver because, next to the gut, all health relates these two power houses as part of the Immune and Health equation in the body. Remember this refers to caffeine not just coffee but refers to Maca drinks, most teas, hot chocolate drinks, fizzy caffeine drinks and even diuretics that uses caffeine to rid the body of the hydration.      

There is so much to your health than that which we know and/or a new diet. At Imsyser we care so we share bit of news in too fill the information gap. Call us for more 086 010 3859 or simply click here for product news:

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