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Dealing with Basics relating to all Disease Prevention

It’s  all about Immunity

Like any other disease, a fungal infection is an imbalance that affects men, women, and children alike. If you are healthy, you will have a normal, small amount of yeast in your body, including candida.

But once your Immune System  is compromised by factors like stress, a bad diet, or illness, candida spreads and overtakes your immune system. It excretes an overwhelming number of mycotoxins as it develops the dangerous root- like rhizoids that choke your cells to death roots called rhizoids.

With Cancer is also all about Immunity

Researchers have known for decades that fungal pathogens are linked to cancer. 

Cancer and Pathogens

These pathogens attach themselves to normal healthy tissue anywhere in your body. They strangle and suffocate your cells with tentacle-like extensions mutating into cells. They can even mutate in ways that fool your Immune System so it can’t destroy them.

Even worse, they don’t need oxygen to survive and they damage the DNA of the cells where they take root. 

Dealing with Pathogens and their toxic release 

They also secrete poisonous, carcinogenic waste products called mycotoxins. Fungi can release more than 300 types of mycotoxins into your system. Chronic exposure—even at low levels—is enough to cause disease:

As it gets more widespread in your system, fungi secrete large amounts of another type of chemical toxin called acetaldehyde. It produces ethanol that destroys the enzymes needed for cellular energy. And it releases the free radicals that cause premature aging. It also makes it difficult for your body to absorb iron and oxygenate you fully.

Cancer grows rapidly in a low oxygen environment. So if your body is not well oxygenated, it becomes a fertile field for cancer. 

Value of Pre and Probiotics.

Anytime you have a fungal overgrowth, you know your good fungus- fighting bacteria are already wiped out. You have to replenish the good guys with both prebiotics and probiotics. You should buy the highest quality probiotic you can with as many strains and live cultures as you can. 

Probiotic supplements will sometimes come with prebiotics (they help feed the probiotics). Prebiotics will also help strengthen any good bacteria and as in the case of the multi strain live interactions, the natural release of digestive enzymes remains a simple bonus….

Is that all?

Managing Candida 

The Imsyser 12 strain liquid probiotic is known to help maintain healthy Candida levels in the gut and in cases where there is overgrowth a simple process of treating the client with increased dosages overall a longer period nullifies Candida within a 3-6 month period with none of the negative side effects of the chemical treatments available in the market place:

Your Immunity determines call it life or death and Immunity is managed by the what you sustain it with and or the toxic load you expose it to and this is exactly where the Imsyser health product range fits your most natural approach to disease prevention

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