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Dealing With Both Physical And Mental Imbalances

There are two conditions in people that I always take care of right away when dealing with gut &/or Immune conditions. It is difficult to separate these conditions and yet they represent two ways of treatment.

People are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances and I get to the root of their problem by finding out what they believe in, what is at the bottom of their troubles. If you believe a lie, then you live a lie. If you believe in happiness, desire happiness and know how to go about attaining happiness, then chances are you are happy. However, the person who holds a vision of themselves as diseased, distressed, blue, trapped or unable to get well, has to be re-educated. They have created their own world and trapped themselves in it. Your chances of getting well are only 30% in these cases and we have to erase this from their mind before true healing can happen. This is functional healing, at root cause level.

When we deal with this state of gut health at an organic condition we have to change the tissue, we have to change damaged cell structure, create a new chemical balance, promote better circulation; we have to remove obstructions, pressure and other gravitational effects. These things are strictly physical and we find that the mind alone cannot overcome them very well. I believe that the mind has a tremendous effect on the physical body but that we must feed each aspect its own kind of food. In the organic or physical aspect, we use diet, corrective exercise and tissue & deep intestinal & cellular cleansing as designed specifically for by the Imsyser Health products range. Visit for more on this amazing product range.

We feed the mind or functional aspect of our being with education; teaching people to grow out of their problems, to change their attitude and consciousness especially as regards heath issues. They must learn to walk the higher path in thoughts, words and deeds. We owe ourselves this living legacy as we only have one chance at this life; why not make it the best experience ever??  If not this confused state is transferred to every cell in the body. Dis-ease sets in and takes longer than it took there to reverse and regain optimal health and balance. Believe it or not these conditions are directly related and proportional to each other. This is the part where the Imsyser team want to play a role helping and educating for the best of our client, YOU and your living legacies, your CHILDREN.

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