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Dealing Blood Sugar Issues

Diabetes studies

Blood sugar elevation has become a core health issue these days because of its well-established relationship to so many chronic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, various cancers and Parkinson’s.

Sugar has been labelled killer no 1 with stress close second and when dealing with the increasing number of Diabetes cases per day globally and so too the number of cancers it leaves nothing other than the realisation that cutting out sugars is not only enough but finding those hidden ones that add to the daily toxic load casing havoc in the body.

Highest fasting blood sugar levels (≥ 140 mg/dL) have been shown to directly relate to modern day cancers for men and woman, from the pancreatic cancers through to those affecting the liver and kidneys and should be seen as the modern day toxin to the body. Studies show that those battling with Diabetes are directly affected to those affected with heart health issues and those with Diabetes or higher blood sugar levels generally are at  greater risk for cancer diagnosis and mortality due to cancer.

Even when controlling for BMI, the risk for cancer associated with high fasting blood sugar levels was unchanged! So in saying this weight management so much as sugar management seems to be the greater trigger!!

These discovered associations are significant enough to motivate us toward dietary and lifestyle changes that can help to lower blood sugar levels!!

…..a diet that’s really low in sugars of all types, refined carbohydrates, and ultra-processed foods while welcoming to the table healthful fats and foods rich in dietary fibre is quite simply put the start of it all….

Once dietary habits are managed the next is ensuring healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Sleep enough
  • Healthy thoughts and mindset
  • Drink Enough good water
  • Absorb Enough vit D or sunshine exposure

Then Supplement  

Imsyser Chaya Leaf Capsules are 100% Natural.


  • more energy
  • better memory
  • improved circulation and skin tone
  • improved sugar metabolism
  • improved fat metabolism
  • excellent for weight-loss
  • assist with Diabetes
  • assist with heart health
  • assists with cholesterol issues
  • assists with liver functions.


  • Improved sugar metabolism
  • Improved fat metabolism……making it great for weight-loss and Diabetes, as well your related heart issues.
  • Improved circulation also helping the Diabetics and weight-loss candidates including all your circulatory issues including eyesight and tingling hand and feet.
  • Improved circulation always allows for better healthier skin, complexion, blood flow & brain health and overall health.
  • Improved Liver functioning and Detox
  • Improved Cholesterol

Never before has sugar management as p[art of a lifestyle been this successful. Simply call for more advice 086 010 3859 or click here:

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